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An insight into the goings on with Neil and Tina on the Breakfast Show,  including behind the scenes gossip, photos and audio from the show.

Changing People's Lives

One of the things we're really proud of here at Pirate FM, is our ability to help change people's lives here in Cornwall, Plymouth and West Devon.

Johnny and Holly

Johnny Cowling and Holly Day - Videos, and other funny stuff!

Local Radio Day

Photos, audio and much more as we celebrate Local Radio Day at Pirate FM

Neil runs the London Marathon 2015 for CHICKs

Some of you may not know but Neil used to be an professional international athlete, representing Great Britain across the globe. 

His best time for running the 'mile' in competition was 3 mins and 55 secs but since he hung up his trainers, well to be frank - he's let himself go a bit.

So after an invitation for Neil set off the Santa Sprint for CHICKS in Callington last year, Tim Bunting paid a visit to the studio to re-issue the invite for 2014, and this time there was an extra little invitation!

As Neil's about to turn 40, he was cajoled by Tina to accept!

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Neil & Tina's School Dinners

Find out more about the schools that have been featured on Neil & Tina's School Dinners!

Neil & Tina's Video of the Day

They'll make you laugh, cry, think, and go "Wow!"

Check out Neil and Tina's Video of the Day!

Pablo the Eco Bear's Blog

Find out about how Pirate FM is dedicated to keeping Cornwall looking amazing, with a little help from Pablo the Eco Bear!

Pablo the Eco Bear's Business

Pablo the Eco Bear's Business

Pablo the Eco Bear's Community

Pablo the Eco Bear's Community

Pablo the Eco Bear's Tips & Advice

Pablo the Eco Bear's Tips & Advice

Pirate FM - Out and About

Pirate FM are proud to support our local communities - and we enjoy being able to broadcast our shows live from many places across Cornwall every day.

Have a listen back to some of the highlights here.

Pirate FM's Soundcheck Decades

Pirate FM's Soundcheck Decades

The Pirate FM Apprentice Blog

The Pirate FM Apprentice Blog

Where's your head at?

Where's your head at? Mental Health advice and awareness from Pirate FM

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