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Sharks, Pot-holes, Women on a mission and a Secret Sound Winner

16th September 2014

Women on a Mission

So we all know that Tina an RAF veteran, having been a pilot and Intelligence Officer - so what are many of her former and current military colleagues up to in the name of charity?


It's the WRAFs on Tour charity relay and you can get involved.

So far, they've raised over £12,000 and covered over 850 miles, for RAFA and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Join the ladies at RAF St Mawgan on Friday 19th Sep at 0830 as they set off on the Camel Trail and to Padstow.  And you can follow them on Facebook.

Sharkwatchneil selfie lydia

Listener Anne, gave us her expert advice on the species of shark spotted off the Cornish Coast.


And for some reason, she called Neil 'a girl' in an insulting way - have a listen!

State of the Roads

Peter's been in touch to congratulate Cornwall Council on commemorating the 100 years anniversay of WW1 with the state of the roads.

Do you agree with him?


But actually everyone has an opinion on the roads so it's set us a challenge to find out more.

Secret Sound

And at last, after 10 weeks of the current Secret Sound, Phil Lovatt from Newquay put us, and Cornwall, out of its misery by correctly guessing the current Secret Sound, to win himself £300.  He tells us his boiler has just packed up and needs repairing or replacing, so at least we know that he'll be warm this winter, thanks to Pirate FM!

Changing Peoples' Lives!

Neil and Tina's Signature


Posted by Tina at 12:43pm

Dieting and Age Gaps

15th September 2014

DietingWeight gain

We all know someone on a diet. So what works, and what doesn't?

Neil and Tina reckon they have a solution, well Tina does!

Age Gap Love

And what would you say to a couple who met when he was 18 and she was 50 at Butlins?  Does the 32 year age gap matter? Does it make a difference cos she's older?  They've been together 18 years now - and you can watch the TV programme on Channel 5 tonight that meets the couple.



Don't forget you can still win £300 on the Secret Sound - did you hear the weekend clues? Check out the wrong guesses and set an alarm to call to enter just after 7am tomorrow - and EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY you can win a grand in cash. Today's contestant, Ester Eva from Troon was heading off on holiday and could really have used the £1000 as spending money.  Sadly she only got 5/10.  How would you have done? Test yourself and call to register tomorrow on 01209 313900 from 8am.

Neil and Tina's Signature



Posted by Tina at 10:59am

Dirty Cash, Scrumpy and Vacuum cleaners

1st September 2014

Is it the end of the school holidays? It is a 5 day working week as kids, parents and teachers prepare to go back to school.

Suck it up

Over the weekend, have you rushed out to spend money on a Vacuum cleaner?


Listen to Neil's crazy idea's of how to develop the humble vacuum cleaner - complete madness - if you sell them on their high powered sucking ability!!

Dirty CashNeil rubber gloves

There was a bit of a disagreement over whether Neil is a Germophobe!  What do you think?


There's a claim that cash machines have as much dirt as a public loo!


And whilst we all know it's not polite to listen in to other people's conversations, it can cause great amusement.  Find out what one person thought 'Scrumpy' is....


Tina reckons a tall grumpy person must be a 'Trumpy'! Oh - a new name for Neil Caddy!

Weekend Socialising & Life is over (X-Factor has started again)

Finally, everyone is talking about the X-Factor, so all this week - you can WIN on the 'Aaaahhhh' Factor!

Superstar Charlies sings classics which you need to identify.  Well done to Steve in Newquay who won himself the X-Factor Greatest Audiotions.....Ever DVD. Your chance is back tomorrow.

Listen from 5am.

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 10:55am

James Dundon does the Ice Bucket Challenge

22nd August 2014

So our very own James Dundon was challenged to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge... and of course, James being James, things couldn't be simple... he had to go one further!

You can support the MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association) by texting ICED55, plus the amount (the amount eg £5) to 70070.

















Posted by Pirate FM at 6:07am

10 years since the Boscastle Floods

15th August 2014

This morning we cast our minds back to the 16th August 2004, when idyllic Boscastle hit the headlines when it was devastated by flash floods.

The waters came storming down the valley, devastating the small village and sweeping cars into the ocean. Meanwhile, trees were ripped up and houses and businesses left in tatters.

Iconic images of people being airlifted from the roofs of their homes were beamed across the world, as Boscastle became the top story...

But luckily, no-one lost their life on that fateful day - thanks to the fast response of the emergency services and RAF.

Boscastle has now recovered, and is once again a thriving community - regaining it's beautiful charm... a million miles away from the devastation it once saw back in 2004.

Posted by Pirate FM at 7:14am

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