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JD Gets Pelted with Paint!

18th June 2014

Ahead of the amazing Childrens Hospice South West Rainbow Run next weekend, James Dundon volunteered to be pelted with a little bit of paint to help publicise the event...

However, little did he realise the entire station had it in for him!

(Please don't try this at home!)

Find out more about the Rainbow Run here.


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Get Weathy with a Selfie

11th June 2014

Get Wealthy with a SelfieBreakfast Selfie

Neil and Tina, lead the way, so show you just how simple it is to earn yourself some cash by taking a simple.  Here's this morning's effort, with producer Adam.

So take your #selfie, and listen to get #wealthy.

Find out how, here.  

Fussed, or Not Fussed?

It's almost the start of football fever, the summer of matches, of patriotism, highs and lows and Neil reckons its a time to come together for the greater good - Tina on the other hand, isn't fussed.

Caller Hayley's gone to some extreme measures to show she's fussed! Have a listen.


But what if you knew who was gonna win...

We introduce to you, Tai Lung, Cornwall Crealy's (allegedly) psychic Bearded Dragon, and no, that's not Tina!

See what happens when Neil meets her for the first time.

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 11:18am

Neil and Tina spend a happy day at Cornwall's Crealy Great Adventure Park

2nd June 2014

After Tina came back to work with a proper grump on, Simon from Cornwall's Crealy phoned in and offered to give the guys a free day out at their great adventure park....

Tina was upset that she had to work over half term, so he said her children Mya and Woody could come too - but with all the great rides and animals on offer, were these going to be enough to put a smile back on her face?


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Cornwall head to Twickenham

29th May 2014

Come on Cornwall Rugby Poster

It’s one of the biggest games in Cornwall’s rugby calendar. Lancashire in the County Championships – at Twickenham.

The Black and Golds are hoping for revenge against the team that beat them in last year’s final.

Cornwall haven’t won the County Championships (known as the Bill Beaumont Cup) since 1999. 

This year, they beat Hertfordshire away in the semis and their travelling fans outnumbered the home supporters by around 5 to 1!

Em’s been to training – with the guys who play with odd shaped balls



Show your support for our boys!

Download one of our special posters, and either print it out, or post it to your Facebook or Twitter profile!

Come on Cornwall Rugby Poster Cornwall Rugby Poster



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Neil and Tina have been learning all about autism

19th May 2014


Today, we had Cornish mum, Silvia Salib on the show to talk about her son being diagnosed with autism, and just how it has affected her family.  It was ahead of Scott Temple's morning show being broadcast live from the SPECTRUM Pearl Centre in Truro.  

You can listen again to the full interview with Tina and Silvia here.

Tina also chatted to Robin Gunsom, from SPECTRUM


Spectrum is a charity that supports all aspects of those touched by autism.

To find out more, pop along to the Pearl Centre in Truro, or contact them via their website.

Ashley RobertsFormer Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts is on Neil's 'list'

Yeah - not a great way to start chatting to a celebrity - but Neil did tell former Pussycat Doll, and Dancing on Ice Judge, Ashley Roberts, that she was on his 'list'...stunned is all we can say.

Have a listen to find out what she's been up to lately, and her views on life in the limelight.


Big Cash Weekends

And the penultimate winner of £500 this morning was Ann Clarke from St Austell.  She was caller no.2 and answered the phone by saying "Michael Jackson".

Ann explained how she'd delayed going into the shops on Saturday, just to hear the Big Cash Artist, and then she set her alarm for 7.30am to make sure she was awake...just in case!

With a big birthday coming up for her husband next month, Ann's gonna treat them both with her win!

You could be our final Big Cash Weekend winner on Tuesday 27th May ('cos it's a Bank Holiday next week!).  Find out how, here.


Neil and Tina's Signature

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