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Take the 'Beautiful Test'

3rd May 2016

On this morning's breakfast show, Neil reveals the 'beautiful test', used by cosmetic surgeons when creating the ideal profile. Are you beautiful?

Beautiful test


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Posted by Tina at 9:27am

Brown Willy - the movie TAKEOVER

29th April 2016

Brown Willy - the movie - hits Cornwall TODAY

Neil and Tina catch up with Writer and Director, Brett Harvey and lead actor and producer, Simon Harvey of new movie, Brown Willy, which premiers across the Duchy today at WTW cinemas and the Falmouth Poly.

Here's the trailer:

We are so excited about this new Cornish Movie, and Neil and Tina catch up with the creative team, Brett and Simon Harvey.

Clip 1 - About the movie


Clip 2 - Working together as brothers and Nakedness


Clip 3 - Filming on Bodmin Moor, and movie budgets


Clip 4 - Friendship and staying in touch with school friends through Facebook

Brown Willy Rock

Hear the full interview here:

The film has a 15 rating - and it's hotly anticipated!

The film premieres across the Duchy tonight at WTW cinemas for 1 week only - see it before May 5th


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Posted by Tina at 6:26am

We reveal the Local Heroes Winners

25th April 2016

Neil and  Tina 2016  Local  HeroesLocal Heroes 2016

Neil and Tina had the very great honour of hosting the 2016 Pirate FM Local Heroes awards at the Tregenna Castle Resort in association with South-West Bottled Gas.

You can see all the winners videos and photos from the red carpet online.

The evening kicked off in fine style with Stooshe performing live for our guests, completely blowing us away with their vocals.


Neil and Tina caught up with 84 yr old Rosalind Austen from Newquay who won Parent of the Year at the interval.

14 year old Jordan Haines from Roche exhibited astonishing bravery to win, and this Bravery award may be the moment he turns his life around.

At the end of the ceremony - there was a lovely moment when Jordan came across to congratulate 7 year old Finn Mitchell, who won the Inspiration to Others award

A very humbling night, and emotional too as 771 Squadron received a standing ovation as the Winner of Winners of Pirate FM's local Heroes awards - of course very emotional for Tina as he mother was rescued by the very same crew including Lt Cdr Andy Watts from Bryher when she had a sudden brain haemorrhage and subsequently passed away.

If you're having a bad day - go watch the videos of all the winners - and you are bound to feel uplifted.

Thank you

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Posted by Tina at 6:42am

Meet Action Nan

20th April 2016

Action  NanMeet Action Nan

St Austell's Pat Smith is 2/3rds around her Cornish Coastal path walk for the RNLI.

Inspirational 67 year old Action Nan Pat is already over 200 miles into her 300 mile walk around the coastal path, supporting the RNLI.  As an avid sailor, Pat knows the immense good works from the RNLI, a charity which relies on donations to make sure people at sea and on the coast stay safe.  

Action  Nan  Map

You can hear Action Nan's tips for NO BLISTERS in her chat with Neil and Tina, plus if you'd like to donate to support the RNLI.

What an amazing lady!

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Posted by Tina at 7:31am

What clothing would you ban?

19th April 2016

Clothing that should be BannedNeil hates snoods, Tina's jumper looks like a snood

After Kim Jon-Un declared that jeans and piercings would be banned in North Korea, Neil and Tina decided to reveal their pet hates on the clothing front.

Neil is very against ankle boots - with wedge heels and snoods - even the word 'snood' is offensive to him.

Tina as  E T 30 bike basketNeil reckons Tina looks like ET hidden under the towel in the bicycle basket! Needless to say the atmosphere in the Breakfast team is a bit frosty this morning!

Tina's pet hate is chaps wearing the jeans halfway down their backside, showing off their pants, needing a belt, and a lot of people agreed!

However, here's some of the other suggestions from Elaine, Dawn, Paul, Claire and Lisl, plus Tina reveals an embarrassing family secret! Have a listen:

Texters also suggested adding to the list:

  • Bermuda shorts and wellies?  Kev in Lanner.
  • Crocs! Just no ! Jan Launceston
  • Coloured bras under white tops. It's underwear for a reason. Kath
  • I would ban men's body warmers or gilletts. Men who wear shorts and t shirts and flip flop and one of those. What's the point? It's either warm enough to wear summer clothes or not. Andy

Tina reckons Andy's described Neil's summer wardrobe!! (Told you things were frosty!)

More madness back on Breakfast from 5am, weekday mornings!

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Posted by Tina at 10:50am

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