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Neil auditions for The Voice

14th April 2016

The Voice Auditions

Neil reckons he's the next Kevin Simm (winner of the 2016 The Voice - and singer with Liberty X)

What do you think?

Studio guest, Miriam Venner (Head of Cornwall College Camborne) from Cornwall College, which is the host of 2 of the auditions, decided that Neil shouldn't take up an audition slot, better for a worthy candidate.

there are 3 different locations you can sign up:



TIME: 3.30pm

WHISKERS BAR (Over 18s only)
5-7 Gover Lane,TR7 1ER 

Miriam urged listeners to apply TODAY, as with limited audition slots available, they will be highly sought after.

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Posted by Tina at 10:44am

Norris and Gertie Gobstopper come to Cornwall

13th April 2016

Neil and Tina chat to illustrator Jeremy Joslin about a new book by Anne Signol, being sold to benefit CHSW

Norris and Gertie

Listen again to the interview:

Such a great story to celebrate the heritage and history of Cornwall in a fun way for a brilliant charity.

You can buy a copy (£5 instead of £7 at the book launch) signed by Jeremy 10 am on Friday 15th April, at Meritorious in Hayle (under the viaduct)

Good luck with the project Jeremy.

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Posted by Tina at 5:47am

Programming Academy 2016

7th April 2016

The Programming Academy in for a training day at Pirate FM 

Programming Academy 2016"Cool kids on the block" From Libby 2016

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Posted by Tina at 10:10am

50 Secrets to Staying Young

5th April 2016

We have discovered a survey online which lists the top 50 things to do keep young!

How many can you tick off?  Apparently, by doing these - you can FEEL 13 years younger and LOOK 9 years younger than you actually are!!

Do you have any tips to offer? Let us know.

Neil tries green tea to tick off one of the top 50 tips to staying young! from Tina Bee on Vimeo.

1. Laughing a lot, and at yourself
2. Never believe you are ‘too old’ to do anything
3. Always look on the bright side of life
4. Exercise every day, even if it’s just walking
5. Make sure you get fresh air everyday
6. Refusing to cut out things you enjoy such as butter, alcohol, chocolate
7. Avoid spending time with people who are unhappy or who grumble
8. Always having 8 hours sleep a night
9. Make an effort to socialise regularly
10. Be spontaneous
11. Spend lots of time with the grandchildren
12. Staying up until 11pm
13. Keeping up with the latest technology
14. Use Facebook
15. Regular travelling around the world
16. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good
17. Take the time to look beautiful / well turned out
18. Work / socialise with younger people
19. Keeping up with the latest TV shows
20. Drinking 2 glasses of wine a day
21. Wearing brightly coloured garments
22. Invest in your first ‘smart phone’
23. Having lots of sex
24. Daily gossips with a best friend
25. Listen to new music in the charts
26. Browse in high street shops like Top Shop and New Look
27. Flirting with strangers
28. Drinking green tea
29. Invest money in pretty things
30. Monitoring the number of steps you do in a day
31. Use Twitter
32. Watching reality television
33. Take up yoga or Pilates
34. Listen to Radio One
35. Reading erotic literature
36. Regularly attend gigs
37. Try new alcoholic drinks
38. Go to parties
39. Buy an exercise bike
40. Drive with the sunroof open
41. Sprinkling goji berries, nuts or seeds on morning muesli
42. Having a celebrity crush
43. Using text speak or phrases like ‘lol’ or cba’
44. Wear amazing shoes
45. Buying a flash sports car
46. Upload photos of your young self on social media
47. Dying hair a wacky colour
48. Get a tattoo
49. Playing football with friends of a similar age
50. Posing for the camera when no-one is around 



Posted by Tina at 7:12am

Alternative Easter Bunny Name Game

24th March 2016

It's the Alternative Easter Bunny Name Game

You will be Miss or Master ___________   ___________   _____________.

Take the first initial of your first name, followed by the vowel in your surname, followed by the month in which you were born to work it out.

neil and tina easter game edit

Tina Bessell = Miss Sparkly Elephant Antlers

Neil Caddy = Master Sweaty Wolf Armpits!!!!


What's yours?

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Posted by Tina at 5:47am

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