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Prime Minister of the Breakfast Show Results

8th May 2015

Who will be the Prime Minister of the Breakfast Show?

The announcement of the Prime Minister of the Breakfast Show was:


Neil or Tina


Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 5:37am

Work out your Royal Baby Name

30th April 2015

Hundreds and hundreds of you got in touch over your Royal Baby Names. Good Luck Wills and Kate


You work it out by taking the name of one of your grandparents (of the same gender), the name of your first pet, followed by the first word of the first address you lived at, with a Lord or Lady at the start.

So, Tina might be Lady Adelaide Smokey Nethercourt, and Neil would be Lord Adolfo BJ Reens.

Gayle from Gweek was Lady Edith Choky Bonallack;

we also had a Lady Doreen Charm Plumleys and a Lord Victor Tipsey Dennison!

And then we spoke to a real life Lady...


Join in the fun and work out yours...

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 11:39am

Musical Neil

29th April 2015

Did you miss the little star of the show, Bethany?

23% of us would like to learn to play a musical instrument. So Neil reckons we should get a kid to play the recorder on the radio.  Six year old Bethany from Wadebridge did not disappoint....

Neil was challenged by Luke from the St Dennis Band to play a brass instrument - it's a great way to learn and practice.

Well Done LECapital LE capital matt

And we gave a shout out to the LE Capital Team on their fundraising of £10K for the Made for Life Foundation and Together for Short Lives as Tina caught up with Loz Braiden:


Plus - have you entered our Win an Apple Watch Comp?

Don't forget only 2 more chances to get into the Win an Apple a Day competition to win an Apple Watch Sport.  If you've entered, get ready for the call tomorrow morning to win an apple, plus your place in Friday's Draw to win an Apple Watch Sport.

Neil and Tina's Signature


Posted by Tina at 11:40am

We love complaints

28th April 2015

Why does Tina look like an alien?Tina wears safety goggles

If you're up very early - then you might hear the madness that goes on in the early part of the show...

This week, you are guessing what's in Tina's hand, or in this case on her face, to win a Pirate FM Executive Pen!

Secret Sound Turnaround

We are closer to guessing the Secret Sound being played by Kimberley Squire from Lostwithiel:

We know its something you would use in the kitchen, but not to prepare food, and the cryptic clue is 'The early bird steals the worm'.

Steal some of Kimberley's cash (it's allowed in the rules) and text your suggestions through to 07807 225102.

Listener Complaints

On the most recent Sound Check survey, we also asked the question, what do you find extremely irritating - whilst we value your honesty - some of it was brutal!

Have a listen to News Journalist, Emma Carton deliver the crushing verdicts to Neil and Tina:



Sign up to have your say on the music and other things ...  and we'll be back tomorrow with zero chemistry, zero impact and being trite!

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 10:47am

Local Heroes 2015

27th April 2015

Local Heroes 2015Local  Heroes 2015  N& T selfie

What an amazing night on Friday at Tregenna Castle Resort!  We were truly humbled by our winners. Plus we had The Overtones along to entertain the crowd. Maybe you listened on Pirate 2, but if you haven't seen the videos, then check them out here along with all the photos.


Win an Apple a Day*

One lucky winner will win themselves an Apple Watch Sport on the Friday Breakfast Show.  All you have to do to enter is to answer a very simple apple-related multiple-choice question which you can access online by clicking here.

Listen to Tech expert, Michael Brooks talk to Tina about the Apple Watch.


Will it be you winning?!

Neil and Tina's Signature

* Check the full Ts and Cs online

Posted by Tina at 2:34pm

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