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Oyez Oyez it's St George's Day

23rd April 2015

So we were very excited that we got to meet the real-life St George on St George's Day only we got it slightly wrong... have a listen again!


Happy St George's Day!

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Posted by Tina at 2:45pm

REPOST - The Foodbank Challenge

22nd April 2015

REPOST from October 2014

Foodbank Challenge

Last week - Neil and Tina set themselves a challenge to find out more about foodbanks and how we can all help.  Today, a listener tells Neil and Tina just what it's like to have to use a food bank. They played an excerpt of the interview on air, but the full interview is available for you to listen to here.


We've done our shopping and it cost about £30 for a family box of food.  Now the challenge is for Neil and Tina plus her kids to experience what it's like to survive on foodbox rations.

Tina's main worries are no bread, eggs or fresh veg or fruit - plus UHT milk.  But this is what it's like.


If you want to donate then click the links and the foodbanks always need packets of mashed potato, tins of meat, tins of veg, tins of soup, tins of fruit, plus long-life juices.

If you are affected at all and need more information, read our previous blog post here.

Thank you for all your messages - good and bad - we appreciate them all - and hope that we've informed you a little along the way.

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Posted by Tina at 8:18am

Embarrassing injuries and SLOB update

22nd April 2015

Slob to Hearthrob

We caught up with Wayne Paternotte from St Ives, the waiter from the Chy-an-Albany Hotel.

It seems that his Slob to Heartthrob transformation has been more than just skin deep.

Still dressed in his David Parish Menswear jacket with shirt and jeans, Wayne was looking 'dapper' and we found just what it's like to take a ride in a Must-Hire Mustang with Sharon and all about the luxurious couples retreat One4Two in Bude.

It seems that after stomach surgery, Wayne is going to give his remaining liposuction prize from Zest4Beauty to his partner Georgina so we shall follow her progress.


Embarrassing Injuries

After a chap suffered injury playing Candy Crush non-stop for 6 weeks, we asked about embarrassing injuries... Neil once cracked his head open jumping up under a door frame - and Tina broke a toe wearing heels at a military dinner's a selection of your stories:

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Posted by Tina at 5:28am

Monday Moan

20th April 2015

We decided to let Cornwall have their say on the Monday Moan

Here's Neil and Tina's gripes:


And then it was over the Cornwall  - we covered everything from cyclists to dog poo, tractors and disposable BBQs and here's the listeners views:


New Secret Sound Contestant

We introduced you to a Brand New Secret Sound Turnaround contestant, Kimberley Squire from Lostwithiel who was entered by daughter Phoebe.


You can steal some cash if you know what the sound is - her cryptic clue - the early bird catches the worm. Have a listen and see the wrong guesses so far here.

Win Now 90

Plus, all this week you can win Now 90, the latest compilation album - Tune in and play 'It's Now or Never' and decide which artist is dueting with Elvis - yes - bonkers, but a great prize up for grabs!

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Posted by Tina at 11:20am

Wierd things kids say

17th April 2015

At bedtime last night, Georgie grabbed her daddy's face and said "Goodbye Daddy"

Neil gently corrected her saying "you mean, Goodnight Daddy"

She replied firmly "No, Goodbye Daddy" EEEKKKK

You had your so many of your own stories ...

Theresa, Plymouth text   My sister and I were discussing her upcoming 40th birthday, I said to my 5 yr old niece who was listening "mummy's 40 this year" to which she replied "mummy you're old" but that wasn't the worst of it, she then said "so you'll be 40, then 100 and then you'll be dead!" That's kids for you !

Here are some of the callers

Emma from Liskeard told her about her son


Marie's nephew reads graffiti aloud..

We're back on Monday, with a NEW Secret Sound contestant, a music themed Thousand Pound minute plus pay 'It's Now or Never' to win.

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Posted by Tina at 2:36pm

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