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Happy St Piran's Day

5th March 2013


Happy St Piran's Day

How accurate is your starsign regarding your personality?

The Brainteaser answer this morning, was that most people consult their astrological star signs to check partner compatibility.  Congratulations to Sheila Hatfield who won the Rihanna CD.

Apparently a Pisces Man (Neil)  and a Virgo Woman (Tina) is a union of 2 magnets - in perpetual opposition to eachother, though each will admire the qualities of the other that they themselves lack!  Pisces will glorify Virgo's beauty and intelligence whilst Virgo will admire Pisces naivety and gentle sweetness!The partnership will not be boring and it can be a calm union!!

Celebrity Likeness

There's a new i-phone app where you can take a photo and see which celebrity you most resemble.  Judge the results for yourself!

Celeb photos Neil and Tina

Posted by Tina at 9:18am

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