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December 2014

First training 'run'

3rd December 2014

CHICKSPassion 22/11/14

Heart pounding. Sweat dripping. Memories of past conquests...and efforts on finishing the one I am on right now. Yes I am still talking about running, but sadly my first London Marathon training 'run' was far from passionate, nor did it have any ounce of romance I used to experience gliding across the ground...mind you, back in the day I was a sub-4 minute miler competing for Great Britain and now I'm a slightly overweight radio presenter. I said 'slightly' thank you very much.

Not so much running involved today - more stooping under low-hanging branches and skidding through cow shite across the fields but at least I broke out in to a little sweat - that will surely make inroads to my weight which at 13 stone and three quarters is not massively more than when I was still competing...only the weight back then was more muscle tone and not a belly I have to suck in like David Hasselhoff did through the entire series of Baywatch.

So, one run down - many more to go. I will ache, but one thing I've NOT forgotten from my competing days is that satisfying ache you experience after training. Now excuse me while I go and have some passion with a bacon sandwich...there's plenty of time until 26th April 2015.

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