Bring a Pound to work day


£1. A pint of milk, A pack of ball point pens, a cup of coffee, a packet of chewing gum, a bottle of shower gel. You wouldn't think twice about spending a pound on the silly stuff.

Bring a pound to work on Friday 6th September, and make a real difference to Cornwall.

All money raised will go to The Pirate Trust - the Cornish charity that gives grants to local people, individuals, and organisations. A helping hand, when people most need it.

You can find out more about the Pirate Trust, the work they do, and also details of some recent grants here.


Get a visit from a Pirate FM Presenter, and even a mention on the radio!

During the day, we're going to pick some of the businesses and organisations taking part, and pay them a visit to say thank-you in person.

We'll even give you a mention on the radio, and also Tweet photos of you and your colleagues for the whole world to see!

Register your business or organisation details below - we'll then email you back details on how you can get involved!

: : Your name: Email: Phone Number: Business/Organisation name: The address of your business/organisation:

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