The Secret Sound

The Secret Sound

WIN CASH by working out the sound!

Hear it at 7:20am weekdays with Neil and Lucy. Text your guess + your name to 07807 225102...


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Cryptic clue = "I don't need this!"




" Lucy's Knee Joint Creaking"




Lucy putting on knee pads

Lucy using a Lady Shave Hair Tirmmer

having your luggage checked before going through airport security

walking over muddy ground that has frozen over

opening a pre-wrapped sandwich

squeezing a lemon

clipping on snow boots

putting old clothes into a charity bag

the crunch as you walk through snow

Lucy eating a bag of crisps

rooting around in an empty handbag

crushing a milk carton

crushing rubbish

squeezing bubble wrap

Lucy's washing machine breaking down

waste in a waste disposal unit

Lucy scraping an icy windscreen with her Holland & Barratt loyalty card!

Using a salt grinder

Lucy eating a salad

Spreading butter on toast then eating it

wipers on a frosty windscreen

Lucy brushing her hair

A breadmaker/bread machine

sucking air out of a vacuum storage bag

Lucy opening her credit card bill

Lucy racking-up snooker balls in a triangle

mixing dough

a badly tuned radio

mixing ingredients in a bowl 

Lucy using a dishwasher

Lucy walking through mud

opening a bin and throwing in rubbish

kneading a packet of rice before putting it in the microwave

Lucy slurping a milkshake

shaking-out an umbrella

closing an umbrella

 Pulling hair out of a hair brush

Undoing a parcel and removing the bubble wrap

Cleaning the oven

Wet shaving with a razor

Rain coming through a tent

Sharpening an eyeliner pencil

Crushing an egg shell

Lucy putting on spandex pants

Opening a letter of bills

Spraying hair mousse

Ripping up a picture of Neil

Taking a parking fine ticket off your car

Lucy flossing her teeth

Popping a paracetamol out from a blister pack

Screwing up a job application form

A cat on you lap kneading your knee

Lucy whipping cream with a hand held whisk

Walking through hail and rain

Getting a packet of pre-made dough out of a packet

Ice cracking when you defrost your freezer

Searching for headache pills in your handbag

Zipping the zip on a dress

Lucy shredding paper

Bike or car with a flat tyre

Opening the foil wrapper on the top on chewing gum and taking a piece out

Cracking your knuckles

Kneading dough

Taking out the rubbish

Unwrapping a chocolate bar seductively!

Pouring cereal out of a box

A waste or garbage disposal in the sink

Scraping your windscreen with an ice scraper

Changing a tyre

Rolling up bubble wrap

Lucy having liposuction!

Lucy removing the cover from her microphone

Pulling a bath mat out of the bath

Unwrapping cellophane on a box of maltesers 

Dentists suction tool

Loading up shopping bags

Lucy buttering toast

Lucy using waxing strips

Popcorn in a microwave

Putting stuff into a bin

Lucy lying in the bath, and the sound of the water moving

Realising your keys are in the washing machine

Laddering your tights or stockings

Unwrapping ready made pastry

Lucy crawling across the floor

Lucy waxing a mans chest

The cellophane wrapper on a box of chocolates

Windscreen wipers breaking apart whilst moving across a broken windscreen

Lucy attaching knee pads

Lucy using a ladyshave hair trimmer

Getting your baggage cleared through airport security

Walking on muddy ground that has been frozen over

Opening pre-wrapped sandwiches

Lucy eating a pickled onion

Waiting for a printer to print

Throwing away old receipts

Wiping the microphone to clean it before speaking into it

Squeezing a stress ball

The sound of a babies heartbeat on an ultrasound scan

Peeling the outer leaves off a cauliflower

Pouring coca cola over some ice cubes

Tilting a bottle of liquid from side to side

Someone snoring

Stuffing lots of bubble wrap into a bin

Lucy eating squirty cream!

Lucy eating stardust crackles (popping candy)

Cracking egg shells

Trying to screw up a new plastic £5 note

A snail eating a leaf!

Grinding salt in food thats frying

Mixing shaving cream with a shaving brush

Lucy walking on gravel in high heels

Dissolving a tablet

Trying to play a cd

Squeezing the crinkly bit on a baby's playmat

The sound of the toilet roll when there is no paper left

One of Lucys' children making a noise whilst eating  

Lucy mixing up a batch or no kneed bread

Lucy squirting shaving foam

Emptying a bag of sugar

Running a shower

Ripping up a photo of your ex

Pouring sugar into a jar

The sound of a cat purring on your lap

Crunching an ice pack after you have used it

A manual pastry roller

Scooping a supplement powder out of a tin

Lucy using a sleep tracking app

Lucy shaking a small bottle of pills

Lucy shaking a box of tic tacs

The sound of rain falling onto a roof

The sound of rain falling onto an umbrella

Lucy taking food out of the freezer

Lucy pushing up and applying lipstick

Lucy waiting for the washing machine to finish

The sound of a pressure cooker when the top rattles as the steam escapes

Peeling the metal foil off a big pot of coffee

Tearing a check out of a cheque book

Flicking through an old yellow pages

Lucy kicking off a duvet

Lucy kneading dough

Lucy using a salt and pepper grinder

The sound of water hitting the door of a dishwasher and it goes through the wash cycle

A slug or snail eating lettuce or seedlings

Lucy eating a rice cake

Scrunching up CV and putting it into the bin

Lucy using mouthwash

Lucy wrapping up a meal that has gone wrong in tin foil

Opening a jar of vitamin pills

Lucy walking in the rain with a hole in her shoe/boot

Taking a pork scratching out of the bag and trying to eat it quietly










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