The £1,000 Minute

Breakfast with Neil and Lucy

The £1,000 Minute

We play The Thousand Pound Minute at 8.10 every weekday morning. Simply get all 10 questions right in 60 seconds and you win a GRAND!

...and we even make it as easy as we can too. Throughout the show each morning, Neil and Lucy reveal clues, questions and answers to help you along. The longer you listen, the more help you will get!

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Our latest contestant:


On Friday, Paul managed to score 4! - How would you have done?


1. Nathan Detroit, Miss Adelaide and Sky Masterson are all characters from which famous musical?
Guys and Dolls
2. In football a 'brace' signifies how many goals?
3. Which 90's chart hit for Louise Redknap was also the title of her debut solo album?

4. Which ancient Greek physician is widely believed to have invented the medial Oath which is still in use today?
5. What number on the PH scale is neutral?
6. Glass/tomato and Ghost are all types of what?
7.What name is given to the ice cream consisting of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla layers?


8. How many chambers does the human heart have?

9. Who is directing the brand new T" Trainspotting movie?

Danny Boyle

10. Hong Kong stopped being a British colony in which year?



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The £1,000 Minute

60 seconds and 10 questions is all that stands between you, and a GRAND in cash!

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