The £1,000 Minute

Breakfast with Neil Caddy

The £1,000 Minute

We play The Thousand Pound Minute at 8.10 every weekday morning. Simply get all 10 questions right in 60 seconds and you win a GRAND!

...and we even make it as easy as we can too. Throughout the show each morning, Neil and Lucy reveal clues, questions and answers to help you along. The longer you listen, the more help you will get!

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Our latest contestant:


On Monday's Superheroes questions, Mike Oke in St Austell scored 9/10 - how would you have done?


1 Which superhero carries an indestructible shield? Captain America

2 Who was Diana Prince...with a headband and less clothes? Wonder Woman

3 Who is often romantically paired with Batman? Catwoman

4 Christopher Reeve famously played which superhero? Superman

5 Which superhero is associated with the phrase, "With great power there must also come great responsibility"? Spiderman

6 Bruce Wayne was the alter-who of which superhero? Batman

7 Which superhero is nicknamed the "Scarlett Speedster"? The Flash

8 Which actor portrayed The Marvel Comics character Iron Man films? Robert Downey Jr

9 What reptiles were teenage, mutant and ninja? Turtles

10 Which superhero is the medical doctor for the X-men? The Beast


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