Win a Brand New Hot Tub worth over £5000!

Win a Brand New Hot Tub worth over £5000!


Terms and Conditions

By entering this competition, you agree to abide by our standard terms and conditions and competition rules which are available to view online here. These are valid, and presented in conjuntion with the below terms.

1.  General
These Terms and Conditions override any conditions stipulated by the competition winner unless the others are expressly accepted by Cornish Hot Tubs, in writing.
2.  Competition Prize
Cornish Tubs will supply the winner of the Pirate FM win a Hot Tub competition with the following Hot Tub:
L.A Spas Belmar LX
The competition winner will have a choice of 2 colours, either:
Sterling silver acrylic with Grey cabinet or;
Sterling silver acrylic with Mocha cabinet.
This will be subject to availability and if for any unforeseen cause outside of the company’s control, Cornish Hot Tubs reserve the right to change the model of the competition prize but will substitute with a comparable quality and priced hot tub.
The competition prize will also include:
Chemical starter pack
Standard delivery and installation
For the purpose of the competition Cornish Hot Tubs will only deliver the above prize within Cornwall.  If the competition winner requires the hot tub to be delivered outside of the county it will be their responsibility to arrange delivery and installation and any expense that this will incur.
No cash alternative is available.
3.  Confirmation of competition winner
Pirate FM will supply the personal details of the competition winner to Cornish Hot Tubs.
Cornish Hot Tubs will then contact the competition winner to confirm prize and make arrangements for a site survey and delivery.
Once confirmation and contact has been made with the prize winner, the hot tub will need to be delivered and installed within 8 weeks.
4. Site Survey
Cornish Hot Tubs will conduct a site survey prior to delivery and installation of the hot tub to assess the site and access to the preferred location of the spa.
A pre-delivery guide will be issued to the competition winner at the end of the site survey.  This will detail the requirements and responsibilities of the competition winner prior to delivery.
Prior to delivery the competition winner will need to provide a suitable, flat and level base to site the hot tub on.  This will be at the cost of the competition winner.
A minimum of a 20amp electrical supply will be required for the hot tub which will be supplied to the competition winner.  It is the responsibility of the competition winner to arrange a suitable electrical supply at their cost.
Where it is deemed necessary by Cornish Hot Tubs that a crane, additional lifting machinery or any other equipment is required for the delivery then this will be stated at the site survey. The additional costs that this incurs will be at the expense of the competition winner.
5.  Delivery
a) Title of the goods does not pass to the competition winner until the hot tub is delivered and installed. Any time or day of delivery named is intended as an estimate only and is not the essence of any contract.
b) If following a thorough site survey by Cornish Hot Tubs and their agents the site is deemed to be inaccessible and the hot tub cannot be delivered it will be responsibility of the competition winner to find an alternative location or buyer for the hot tub. 
c) Cornish Hot Tubs shall not be liable to the competition winner or any third party for loss, damage or alteration whether direct or indirect or consequential to any property, undertaking, or event caused by, or arising from or connected with any delay in delivery of goods.
d) In the event the competition winner authorises access through adjacent properties for Cornish Hot Tubs use during delivery and installation, the competition winner is required to obtain permission from the owner(s) of the adjacent properties for such use and the competition winner agrees to be responsible and accept the risks and liabilities thereof.
e) The competition winner is required at their expense to do all construction and other acts necessary and to meet all conditions necessary to allow Cornish Hot Tubs to install the goods as provided for the competition.  The competition winner shall direct the location of the goods and there shall be no liability on the part of Cornish Hot Tubs for incorrect location, or for encroachment or interference thereby upon the property easements or rights of any other parties.
f) Failure on the part of the competition winner to ensure all preparations completed for goods installation and operation for the agreed time and date can result in Cornish Hot Tubs returning the goods to the security of Cornish Hot Tubs storage premises and Cornish Hot Tubs reserves the right to make additional charges for any direct indirect or consequential cost.
g) Cornish Hot Tubs or their agents will not be held liable for any damages or injuries to goods, property or personnel arising from inadequate site preparation on the part of the competition winner or his agents.
c) Liability and costs for any damage and / or alteration to goods following delivery to the installation site is the competition winner’s responsibility.
6. Additional works
a) Where the competition winner has work performed by others that is not provided for in this contract Cornish Hot Tubs does not guarantee or warrant such work and Cornish Hot Tubs shall not be held responsible for such work or for loss or damages which may result there from.
b) Cornish Hot Tubs is not responsible for providing any electrical connection service, unless specified in writing in the contract. The competition winner is advised to use a professional, N.I.C.E.I.C., registered electrician and must ensure compliance with the goods manufacturer's electrical instructions and specifications.
c) Referrals from Cornish Hot Tubs are given as a professional courtesy only. Cornish Hot Tubs is not responsible for any conduct or service provided by these referrals.
7. Warranties
a) All manufacturers' equipment and apparatus installed as provided for in this contract shall carry the full warranties of sold hot tub, supported by the limited warranties on the manufacturer.
b) Warranties are effective only if the buyer has complied with all the terms and conditions, provisions of the contract. The competition winner must follow all of the manufacturer's written instructions to ensure performance of the manufacturer's written warranty,
c) Cornish Hot Tubs guarantees to repair or at the competition winners option replace under issued warranties any products or parts found defective in materials or workmanship under terms of the manufacturer's warranties.
d) Relocation of the spa, unless approved or conducted by Cornish Hot Tubs or his agent, will void any warranty.
8. Operation and maintenance
The manufacturer, L.A Spas, Cornish Hot Tubs or his agent will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences to the goods, property or person resulting from the buyer's failure to comply with manufacturer’s operating and; or maintenance instructions. Changes or alterations to parts or components, unless approved or performed by Cornish Hot Tubs or his agents, are at the competition winner’s risk.
9. Site visits
Charges may be made by Cornish Hot Tubs to the competition winner for call out visits other than initial survey visit, installation visit or performance of services under manufacturer's warranty.
Any enquiries regarding the Pirate FM competition should be directed to Cornish Hot Tubs.


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