The World's Easiest £1,000 minute

The World's Easiest 1000 Minute

Round 1 and 2


Here's the deal... here are ALL the questions, complete with ALL the answers to the special quiz.
However, this special quiz will only be played when you hear the alarm on-air. This could happen at ANY TIME, day or night, 7 days a week!

The world's EASIEST £1,000 Minute - Round 3

1) What is the first letter of the alphabet?
A) A
2) Which artist had a huge hit in 2010 with "She Said" - Plan... 'who'?
A) B
3) Which vitamin is predominantly found in Oranges?
A) C
4) Which 'Day' is commemorated on 6th June each year?
A) D
5) Alphabetically, what is the second vowel out of the five?
A) E
6) What is the middle initial of the assasinated US President - John Kennedy?
A) F
7) 'Golf' appears in the phonetic alphabet as which letter?
A) G
8) What is the chemical symbol for Hydrogen?
A) H
9) Complete the Beyonce song title: "Me, Myself and..." 'what'?
A) I
10) Which letter other than X is also worth 8 points in the game of Scrabble?
A) J


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