4 Tips to Spice Up Your Brand


There’s a lot of competition out there, so make sure your website isn’t letting you down. If it looks outdated, or if it runs slowly, customers might worry they’re going to get a virus – and they’ll move onto a competitor with the clearest, more accessible and safest site. Use these top tips to get ahead of the competition.


User-friendly Website


Make sure your site is simple in its layout – there should be sections or pages which are named appropriately, and there should be a navigation bar as well as a search function. Customers, especially online customers, have a low threshold for being messed around – if the site is difficult to navigate, customers won’t persevere long before visiting a competitor. More online customers than ever are using their phones and tablets to navigate websites, so make sure this isn’t too much for your site to handle. It’s also vital to have a clear ‘Contact Us’ page. Customers should have easy access to your physical address, phone line, email address, and any other information they might need to get more details from you or make a complaint.


Clear Product Descriptions


The first priority is clarity. We can all speak at length about the products and services we offer, but this information needs to be put simply, maybe in a bullet point list, for the benefit of the customers. The features of the product or service need to be presented in the right tone – if you’re too formal it’ll sound like it’s coming from a big company that doesn’t care about individuals, but if you’re too informal and jokey you won’t come across as serious, trustworthy and professional.


Strong Branding


You should have a clear logo in the top left-hand side of the page, that communicates something about your business, and you should make sure the images on the page enhance the text rather than distract from it. Every detail needs to be consistent with your themes, and memorable, for your website to call attention to itself. Use a company like CurrantWeb for a professional design and a website that will appear on search engines when relevant terms are searched.


Loyal Customers


The best customers are the ones who know what your business is and does, and are up to date with your latest offers and deals. Your website should help you to develop this relationship. Make sure your customers have a forum to give you feedback, whether you have a message portal on the site itself or you’ve simply made your contact details visible. Let them know their thoughts are appreciate, perhaps even with an incentive like a discount or free gift. If you’ve got your branding right then your customers should get a familiar feeling when they see your logo or the layout of your site, but remember – they won’t feel like that if it takes ten minutes to load up the page, or if the links go to the wrong pages, or if the content is unclear or riddled with typos. Your website is a just another way of communicating with your customers, so make sure you get it right.

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