4 Ways to Spend a Day In

Whether it’s because money’s been tight recently or even that you’re tired, you can’t plan to go out every weekend, and you need to learn how to have fun at home. Sometimes it can be difficult to plan for a day in if it isn’t what you’d normally think of first, but there are lots of ways to enjoy yourself from the comfort of your home. Whether your ideal day in consists of you getting snuggled up on your own, or whether you’d like to spend it with family or friends, read on to get some ideas for how to spend your day in.

Read Something out of the Ordinary

A lot of people would love nothing more than to spend a day in reading their favourite novel, but you shouldn’t get stuck in a rut if you can avoid it, so why don’t you try reading something new? If you normally read history then give contemporary fiction a try, if you’re a crime lover then you should try some fantasy, and if you aren’t usually fussy about what you read then why not try something a little heavier than what you’d normally end up reading, like Camus or Kafka. You may just discover that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Hold a Tea Part with Close Friends

It may sound like a silly idea, but it is one. Have some close friends over and treat them to cream tea, and you can spend the day catching up and enjoying delicious food and drink in a snug environment. Don’t take it too seriously, and make sure everyone who attends has a good laugh. You could even go for an Alice in Wonderland theme by making it an ‘unbirthday party’. This is a time to have fun and to laugh at yourself, and what better way that by hosting an unnecessarily formal affair?

Play Fireside Puzzles and Board Games

This can be great fun, particularly if you have the whole family at home for a weekend or Boxing Day. Bring the whole stack of board games down from the loft, and let the children decide. You can even have a running score for each of you that doesn’t end when the first board game does. However, it’s fine if your family value their individual space too. Let the children play on their games consoles while you and your partner play computer games yourselves, or else you could try the online slots at SportPesa.

Finish a Task You’ve Been Putting Off

Sometimes some of our best memories were created, not when we got our own way, but on the days where we finished doing something we didn’t initially want to do. If you choose your day in to repaint the living room or to knock a wall through then it might to turn out to be one of the best days you’ve had in a long time. If you’re feeling motivated and you have a day in to spend, why not use it constructively, making a mess but accomplishing a task?


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