5 Tips to Help You Make Time

It can feel like there are never enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks that need to be done to run a home successfully. If you are working, have the children to sort out, the dog to walk and the laundry to do, life can feel like it is running away with you. Here are 5 tips to make life a little easier, and free up your schedule so that you can actually have some leisure time.


How can you achieve everything that needs to be done if you are unsure exactly what needs to be completed? You may have a rough idea of things that need to be accomplished, but that will not help you get it done. Do not rely on your memory alone – you more than likely can forget what you wanted from a room before you have even got in there; besides, a list provides you with the opportunity to feel a sense of satisfaction when you cross a task off your list. You need to have one list and prioritise within it the more important tasks to do. You will find that by listing what needs to be done, you can see that several tasks will only take a minute and are quick to complete and cross off. Others on there will require a little more time, but the good news is that by making a list you can see that the tasks are manageable, and more importantly achievable.

Use technology

We all use technology in some form or another, but do you use yours to its full potential? There are so many gadgets in the home that have advanced features that we fail to take full advantage of. How often do you use the slow cooker? Rather than come home from work and prepare and cook a meal, load up the slow cooker in the morning and come home to a meal ready and waiting for you. Additionally, do you utilise the timer on your washing machine? Use it so that your clothes cycle will just be finished for the time that you get in from work, so that you avoid having to put on a rinse cycle to remove the stagnant smell that can happen if they are left in the machine all day.

Do your weekly food shop online to save time at the supermarket. Take advantage of the apps that companies that you regularly deal with have: your bank, electricity provider, and mobile phone company. You will be able to complete tasks so much quicker using their bespoke technology, and it will save you from having to make endless telephone calls or having to go to their premises physically. You can even go online to organise repairs or an MOT for your car. For example, at clickmechanic.com, they will pick your car up from wherever you are, MOT or repair it, and return it to you. They also use an innovative fixed quote engine that pulls in industry data, regional labour rates and the price of parts to ensure your booking is fairly priced, while offering a unique booking experience. Therefore, you don’t have to haggle, you know what you’re paying for, and are aware of the price from the very beginning.


The word routine suggests a structure, but what you need to introduce to your life is a balanced routine: one that is not rigid, as you do not need to feel that your home life is run to a strict schedule. A balanced routine is one that has the flexibility to cope with any of the challenges that can crop up in any one day, but provides you with a sense of what needs to be done at any given time. For example, on a Tuesday you may have to take your child to football, in which case, your child needs to know that on that day they come in from school and get changed into their kit straight after school. It’s a routine that needs to be repeated every Tuesday. You need to ensure that you communicate to your householders what they need to do within the routine. If you fail to have a routine, you will find that you lose precious time to procrastination and distractions.


You are not the only person within your household, and each member of it will be able to contribute to its running. Even if you have young children, they can get into the habit of tidying their toys up at the end of the day. Introduce a reward chart to motivate them to be more helpful. If your young children have always been expected to help, by the time they are older, they will do so without having to be asked multiple times. Older children can be expected to complete a wider range of tasks: emptying the dishwasher, hoovering, dusting their own rooms and even preparing a meal.


How you organise your home can either help or hinder you. Think about where you keep things that can be changed to save your time. For example, keep a variety of cleaning products and bin liners in the upstairs bathroom so that you don’t have to go downstairs before you give the bathroom a clean and empty the bin. If you only have carpets upstairs, why not store the vacuum cleaner in a wardrobe rather than downstairs? Sometimes we do things out of habit as that is how they have always been done, but occasionally they are not the best way to do things.

The kitchen is one room that can easily be rearranged to help save time. Your cupboards need to be organised in a way that makes their contents close at hand to the tasks that they are needed for. Your cutlery and crockery should be located as near to the dishwasher as possible, so that it can be unloaded as quickly and easily as possible. Your kettle should be within an arm’s reach of your teabags, coffee and mugs. Your cooking utensils should be near to the oven. By making these small changes to how you organise your kitchen, you can save minutes each day.