5 Top Things to do Now You are Over 50 and Proud

There are an abundance of articles saying that 30 is the new 20, or 50 is the new 40, but why is this? There would be very little to be gained by going back to those ages. The life lessons that you have a university degree in would have to be relearnt, and the wisdom you have gained by surviving the challenges that life has a habit of throwing at you would have to be conquered again. No thank you!

Whilst hitting 50 is, of course, a milestone of half a century, we have it easy in comparison with our parents. They are more than likely to have been grandparents in their 50s, whereas now you are reaching the point where your nest is possibly well and truly empty, and grandchildren are at least a few years away – you have the freedom to enjoy your 50s in a way that previous generations did not.

With increased healthcare and a varied diet, people are remaining healthy for longer, and living longer too. Common ailments that affected previous generations such has life-threatening influenza, and its associated illnesses, have pretty much been put to bed by the widespread use of vaccinations. Over 50s have an extended time to experience more of life’s opportunities than previous generations, so once you’ve assessed your finances, arranged your life insurance, and travel insurance, you can start living.

Dream Holiday

Now your children are adults, you have double the holiday budget to play with. When once you dreamt of long haul destinations, you can now make those dreams a reality. Get a world map out and make a list of the places you want to visit. You don’t have to visit them all in one hit, but by making a list, you will be able to plan more effectively.

You are no longer restricted to the school holidays (unless you are a teacher), and can take full advantage of the cheaper rates that are available out of term time. For the price of a fortnight family package deal, you will be able to afford quality, long haul destinations for the same price. You can also take advantage of the last-minute deals that crop up.


You may be one of the statistics of the rising number of over 55s to experience a divorce. Rising divorce rates in this age bracket have been considered as being a result of people living longer and realising that they still have many years left to achieve happiness. The increase in divorcees has seen a boost in the number of over 50s on the dating scene. So, what are you going to do about it?

You no longer need to depend on friends to make introductions to new potential partners; instead, online dating is the digital way of finding a new partner. Choose the site you are going to upload your profile on to suit your tastes: if you are more left leaning politically, do not choose a site associated with a right-wing newspaper – the audience of your profile will have a more right-wing readership, and vice versa. Remember to meet in public places for the first few meetings and always tell someone where you are going, just to be on the safe side.

Dream car

This is probably the first time since your twenties that you don’t have to buy a practical car! You do not have to think about whether car seats, pushchairs, growing teenagers and their friends, along with huge weekly shops can fit in. Now is the time to buy that two-seater sports car with the impractical small boot and the horsepower packed engine. Forget calls that you are having a mid-life crisis, on the contrary, you are having a mid-life celebration! You cannot take money with you, life is for living.


You may now have the time and motivation to seek and start a second career. You potentially have another 20 years working, so why not spend those 20 years doing something that you love? Whether you’ve been harbouring a desire to be a social worker, an artist, or a florist, now is the time to turn your passions into a new career.

Check out university courses, evening courses or online options to fulfil your craving for change. The experiences that you have had, and the skills you have developed through your current career will have given you skills that are transferable, and future employers will be keen to exploit that to their advantage. Make sure that you research the course thoroughly, identify courses that are recognised by the relevant professional bodies to ensure that your choice is a wise one.


You now have time to indulge in hobbies that have previously been sidelined by a busy family life. Now is the time for you to pick up the baton, and revisit passions that you once had. Whether you want to run a marathon, or climb Kilimanjaro, you now have the time to invest in something you want to do. You may want to try something completely new, and why not? There is no time like the present to make a start on a new hobby.

Consider joining local groups that meet up to partake in the hobby. You will find a whole new social circle of like-minded people, and develop new friendships while honing your hobby skills. Use the internet to find the groups, for example, Facebook is a mine of information for people with niche hobbies, and has given rise to global communities with often the most obscure hobbies.

The only restriction placed on you now you are over 50 is set by you. There are so many opportunities for you to achieve all of the things that you have held dear but have been unable to do so to date. There is no reason for you to sit back and let life pass you by, this is the prime of your life, and you should embrace and enjoy it.