5 Top Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Family Break

A family holiday allows the whole clan to get away from the daily stresses of everyday life. It also offers an opportunity to develop a greater bond with your children, and make memories they’ll be talking about when they’re adults. If you’re hoping to book a trip in the not-so-distant future, read our five top tips for planning an unforgettable family break.

1. Book in Advance

Holidays don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In most cases, the earlier you book a break, the better the deal you’ll receive. It’s advisable to book three to six months in advance on flights and hotels, so you will receive more value for your money. The money saved can then be used towards your spending money.

2. Pick the Perfect Hotel

There are different hotels to suit different types of travellers, such as couples, groups of friends or families. For instance, if you want to travel with all the family, you’ll probably want to bring your dog along, too. That’s why you might be happy to learn that you can book all the family and your pet pooch into one of the many dog friendly hotels in the UK.

3. Create an Itinerary

As you will know, children crave entertainment. The last thing you will want is for your child to constantly repeat how bored he or she is during the break. Research the many must-do activities in the local area to ensure they’re kept busy from start to finish. Create an itinerary to identify what you will do as a family each day, which will tire your children out by night time. If in doubt, pack plenty of things they can do at the hotel, such as board games, movies and puzzles.

4. Create a Checklist

Packing for the whole family can be more than a little bit stressful. You’ll have to make sure everyone has enough clothing and underwear for each day, whilst ensuring you pack the right toiletries, phone chargers and medications. As a result, it can be easy to forget something, only to realise once it’s too late. For this reason, we recommend creating a handy checklist, so you can tick each item off the list as you pack it. Don’t forget to write a list of all the appliances you’ll need to turn off before the trip, too. 

5. Do Something Educational

Travel broadens the mind, as it can introduce you to different cultures, cuisines and landmarks. It’s, therefore, the perfect opportunity to educate your child. For example, different cities and towns will be filled with historical landmarks, museums or heritage, which your child can learn about on a family getaway. This new-found knowledge can support their studies, and it could even help them to develop a passion for a subject.

Preparation is key when planning a family holiday in the UK or abroad, as it will ensure you find the best deals and attractions, whilst helping to keep boredom at bay.