5 Wardrobe Staples You Should Never Throw Away

 The recent minimalism trend spurred by Marie Kondo and other de-cluttering enthusiasts would have us believe that less is always more. However, most of us would confess that if we binned or donated every item of clothing we owned that didn’t “spark joy” or prove useful, we’d have nothing left to wear.

 It makes sense to de-clutter now and then, and there’s no use hanging onto items that are merely gathering dust, but many of us feel lost when it comes to knowing what to keep. To help guide your next wardrobe clear out, here are five staples you should never throw away.


The White T-Shirt

 Although white t-shirts probably don’t spark joy in most of us, they do prove incredibly versatile when teamed with other (perhaps bolder) clothing choices. Trends come and go, but the classic white t-shirt can be worn over jeans, layered under a slip dress or smartened up with a blazer. So unless yours has holes or a stain you can’t lift, you can wear it with pride.


Your Watch

 Most of us wouldn’t dream of letting go of a watch we wear every day, but what about those reserved for special occasions, or the broken watches we keep in a drawer? Rather than getting rid of them, it’s far more environmentally friendly (and better for your wallet) to check if they are repairable. These days, you can find watch repairs online, so all it takes is a simple click of the mouse to bring a beloved piece of jewellery back to life.


Black Leggings

 It doesn’t matter how many pairs you have, black leggings made from durable, stretchy fabric will serve your wardrobe endlessly. As long as they aren’t visibly broken or worn, they can be worn with flip-flops, boots, trainers or heels all year-round. When the time comes to replace your trusty leggings, don’t be tempted to buy cheap; better quality fabrics are far more flattering, and they will last longer.



 Everyone loves a chunky knit, regardless of age, gender and fashion sense. However, year after year these trusty jumpers tend to accumulate and take up space, so how do you know which ones to keep? It makes sense to donate anything that’s shrunk or has holes you can’t repair, but otherwise, there is no need to throw out your comfy knitwear. Come winter, you’ll need all the warmth you can get, and it helps to have a variety of colour choices. If you need to free up space, you can store knitwear in vacuum-packed bags until they’re needed.


The Leather Jacket

 Leather jackets come in and out of style, but it’s hard to deny their ability to jazz up an outfit instantly. Leather is also expensive, so even if you’re not sporting your jacket this season, you should hang on to it ready for when they come back in style. When it comes to leather, vintage looks best, so it doesn’t even matter how worn your jacket gets. Keep that classic wardrobe staple, and it will carry on serving you for many years to come.