6 University Tips Every New Student Should Read


Are you set to embark on university life? If so, you are bound to have a million and one things you need to plan before you start a degree. To ensure you have a smooth, hassle-free experience, we’re providing six university tips every new student should read.


Find the Right Accommodation


The accommodation you choose will determine how happy you are throughout your university years. You will therefore want to live in a comfortable space while having a quiet place to study. Fortunately, Collegiate have some properties that come with additional features to improve your experience. For instance, you can move into luxury student accommodation Sheffield that offers study zones, a private fitness suite, cinema, gaming booths and a lounge area.


Create a Budget


You must budget your finances so you’re in control of both your income and outgoings. For example, you must consider money for rent, food, books, clothing, travel and other expenditure. Be economical with your finances, and turn to affordable supermarkets, buy cheaper toiletries and look for bargains at every turn.


Meet New People


Once you move into your student accommodation, don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbour’s door to introduce yourself. They will be in the same position as you, so will be glad to meet someone new in the building. You can then both knock on other neighbours’ doors to introduce yourselves, start a conversation and maybe even arrange a drink or two.


Living with Other Students


Are you set to share accommodation with other students? You must sit down together to set some ground rules that everyone will adhere to each day. For example, set up a chore schedule, and decide on common items that the group will share, such as milk, butter, bread, cleaning products and toilet roll. You should then arrange a schedule for each person who is responsible for buying the items each week.


Preparation is Key


You more than likely plan to let your hair down in between essays and studying, so you can destress and unwind. Preparation is key before a night out, which will ensure you avoid problems down the road. Never be caught short for money, and visit a cash machine before heading out for drinks. We also advise you to put more than one taxi number in your phone, so you can book a cab if you become lost or lose a friend.


Buy the Right Books on Your Reading List


Many universities provide a reading list for specific courses, which will serve academic life during your first year. You may only need to read a chapter or two for some of the books on your list. Rather than spending a small fortune on expensive textbooks, we recommend turning to the university library to borrow a book. The likes of eBay and Amazon will also sell more affordable, second-hand books, but make sure you purchase the right edition for your course. The money saved could therefore be used towards rent, clothing or a night out with your new friends.


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