8 Ways to Use the Winter Months for Your Benefit

As summer becomes a distant memory and the days get shorter, you need to start thinking about how you are going to get through the winter months. Your winter routine, although very different to your summer one, does not have to be all doom and gloom. Here are 8 ways to keep yourself busy and entertained over the darker months of the year, in preparation for the exciting year ahead.


By the time Autumn and Winter have set in, you will have accumulated more clothes and equipment than you realised. Summer is the time when children have a knack of losing balls from sets, and outgrowing clothes and shoes; you do not need to keep hold of incomplete sets, broken frisbees and kites that are never going to fly again. Be brutal, and do not restrict your decluttering to the house. Your garden shed and garage also need to be paid attention. You do not need to keep old paints, but be sure to make a note of the shade name and where it has been used.


Having spent the majority of the time in the previous months enjoying the sunshine and being outside, now is the time to take advantage of the time you are going to spend indoors. Autumn is the time of year that British spiders reach maturity, and you will have noticed that there are plenty of the critters that have made their webs in your home. The falling temperatures outside force the spiders inside, and as they are on a quest to mate, they will be making themselves more visible to you. You will have more webs than you first think, it is amazing how many you find once you are actively looking for them. Consider it the antithesis to a spring clean; you will be set up for the winter months, and happy that you made the extra effort.

Plan your next holiday

With the dark nights and the short days, you may begin to feel a little down in the dumps. Use your time to research and find your ideal holiday location. By thinking ahead, you will be able to find a holiday to the destination you want, and at a price you want to pay. With such advanced planning, you will be able to book the time off work that you want, rather than fitting in around your colleagues. Booking a holiday well in advance means that you are more likely to get a good deal. Remember to book your dog into your preferred kennels as early as possible to avoid the risk of there not being any room nearer the time.

Read books

Winter is the perfect time to get up to date on the books that you were too busy to read over summer. There is little that beats curling up in front of the fire, reading a novel while the rain beats on the windows. You may find that these winter months are the ideal time to join a book club; after all, you do not want to hibernate completely.

Catch up on a TV series

Another way to take advantage of being indoors is to catch up on all the TV shows that you have been too busy to watch. Your Digital TV will enable you to make use of the recommendations that people invariably make about the shows they are watching, and you will be finally able to join into conversations that you have previously been unable to pass comment on!

Review your finances

Go through your utility providers and check on comparison websites how your rates fare. It’s a rather tedious job that would be too painful to undertake on a beautiful summer’s day, but on a wet and windy day it will be a little more appealing, and may just allow you to save money in the long run. Do not be shy about telephoning your current provider and asking if they will better the cheapest rate you have found. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Use this financial review to check that any saving accounts you may have, are getting the best interest rates on the market. You need to keep abreast of market fluctuations to ensure that your money is working for you as much as possible. If you are unhappy with what you find, seek a better deal and follow through with a solution. You must be in control of your finances.

Fill your freezer

Your whole household will be overjoyed if you are baking and roasting. Dig out your recipe books and cook your old-time, seasonal favourites. Remember to cook more than you need so that you can freeze the extra portions for times when you don’t have time to cook from scratch. You can even be experimental with your recipes and seek inspiration from online. You may just find recipes from other countries that whet your palate.


Usually, people are keen to get their body honed to be beach ready, but why not use these colder months to get fit too? There is a wealth of exercise programs that can be done in the comfort of your own home without having to commit to gym memberships or brave the weather outside. Many of these exercise programs are celebrity endorsed, but do not let that put you off; they have been put together by professional trainers who know what they are doing, and the celebrity wouldn’t risk their reputation putting their name to something that doesn’t work.

The winter months do not need to be a time where you disengage from being active or achieving; there are plenty of things that you can do to turn this usually dormant period of time into a hive of activity. Use this time off to reflect on your previous year, are there things that you could have done better? Or are there things that you wish you had done? You may want to find a new job, so now you have the time to review your cv, and where you want your career to take you. These months can be used to lay the foundations for success in the new year.

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