Pirate FM - Born 3rd April 1992

Pirate FM - Born 3rd April 1992

We're celebrating 27 years of serving Cornwall!


Just before 8am, on the 3rd April 1992, Pirate FM hit the airwaves for the first time.

Pirate FM became the very first commercial radio station for Cornwall, breaking the BBC's monopoly. We're not too sure they were over the moon about it - have a look at the report Spotlight did about us!

The station was launched by Roger Day, the station's first Breakfast Presenter. There was a big party on the day, with local people, businesses, and local VIPs all coming to lend their support to the new station.

The station was notable for its use of new technology, with a computerised system playing out all the music, and split transmitters for our output. Both are commonplace at stations across the UK, but back in 1992, Pirate was a real trailblazer, and at the forefront of digital technology.

And 27 years on, we're proud to still be number 1. We're still based in Redruth, and although some of the people may have changed, the equipment is a lot more up-to-date (and reliable!), and the studios have been refurbished - our aim is still the same...

To serve Cornwall, Plymouth and West Devon with Real Music Variety, and continue to be a part of life in the most wonderful part of the UK.

Thank you for your support over the years!



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