Pirate FM’s E-Safety Week 15th February 2016

Education & Training

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We’re proud to be one of Cornwall’s leading media companies - and it’s important to keep secure at all time when online.

Let’s be honest. ..the internet is a fantastic and wonderful place - however the dangers that lay within it is something that even the most vulnerable people should know about.

Students are super vulnerable when it comes to their online safety - with the majority of teens being connected all day, every day, whether it be through their smart phones, laptops, TVs... students are always on.

We’re offering the chance for your students to make their own advert - and hear it played on air LIVE, through a unique and extremely engaging competition.

Package 1

The Pirate FM Media Bus will visit your school or college and comes complete with a radio studio.

Each student in teams will create their own E Safety Radio Commercial.

Maximum of 70 students per day.

Package 2 

The Pirate FM team will work in the classroom with students.

We’ll bring our own mobile recording and editing kit for the day and your students will create their own E Safety Radio Commercial to be commissioned.

Maximum of 50 students per day.

Special rates if booked before the end of December 2015!

Education and Training


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