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Download our Free Social Media GuideRecent research shows that the UK is the most social country in the world – with the average person spending nearly 38 days a month online.

36% of UK consumers use Social Media to interact with brands – and it’s power is in the delivery. You can carefully target who sees your message… so you aim it at the people who are most likely to use your products or services.
Here at Pirate FM, as well as running Cornwall’s number 1 commercial radio station, we are also responsible for our highly-successful social Media Platforms on Facebook and Twitter as well.
With tens of thousands of online followers and fans, our posts and tweets reach over 200,000 people on average every week. 
We’ve learnt what works, and what doesn’t. We are experts at content creation. It’s what we do every day – creating stuff that make people want to interact – creating things that increase brand awareness, and most importantly creating content that turns people into customers….
We’re in the businesses in Cornwall succeed – and as such, we want to share our expertise with you.

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4 reasons why Social Media ROCKS!

1. Social Media Gets Your Customers Talking

When your customers start talking about your business via social media, it can garner new interest from new potential customers because people trust recommendations from friends.

Social media gives you a platform to get these recommendations organically.



2. Customers Can Take You With Them

People take the Internet with them wherever they go thanks to smartphones and tablets. If your site is optimized for mobile users, then you can keep your company in your clients’ back pocket.

In 2011, the mobile Internet audience increased by 62 percent, according to a study by the Nielson Group, and that number has grown - and continues to. This means you have the potential for a constant connection with your customers.

To take advantage of this, have your site optimized for mobile users, or set up a mobile specific site they can access.

Take Social Media with you


3. Improves Search Engine Ranking

You want your website to rank high in the search engines, and social media can actually help with this. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves any time you get more traffic to your website.

When people start using Twitter, Reddit and Facebook to share your promotions, blog posts or articles, your ranking will improve.

The changes to Google in 2011 also mean that these popular sites are now being indexed by the search engines. The more people on social media sites are talking about you, the more active and valuable you will appear to the search engines, and the higher your rank will be.

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4. Connections on Social Media Can Increase Your Sales

While getting people talking about and interacting with your brand is valuable, your number one goal is to increase sales. Social media can do this.

According to statistics in the UK, for example, 28 percent of British businesses reported an increase in sales due to their social media efforts.

People who are researching purchasing options through social media are likely to make their purchase online, and if your presence is strong and positive on their favorite site, then you have an increased chance of landing that sale.

These statistics show that social media has a positive impact on those businesses that use it well.

Take Social Media with you


Source: Brandwatch




Download our Free Social Media Guide

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Plus, don't forget to download our free guide, featuring tips for Cornish businesses like yours on how you can embrace Social Media on our website right now...
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