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23rd April 2013 - St George's Day

23rd April 2013

St Georges Day

On today's show, Neil reveals he now has 5 grey hairs! It's all downhill from here…


Tina won on the Brainteaser with no-one correctly guessing the answer to:

What would 37 per cent of us do at the end of a night out?

Have a Kebab or any kind of takeaway was Neil's suggestion.  Others included falling asleep (on the sofa, in the toilet, anywhere); drinking and dialling; losing keys, wallets, shoes; or raiding the fridge. The answer:  pinch a pub beer glass!

St Georges Day - Neil slays the dragonGeorge and the Dragon

We asked Cornwall how we should celebrate St George's Day as every other patron saint gets a good party!

Ideas included:

  • Have a parade where George slays the dragon
  • Beth from Bodmin says resurrect street parties
  • Sophie from Par - have crumpet parties, with a silent Queen's speech where we watch Her Majesty eat crumpets!
  • Rina from Fraddon - enjoy a plain old cup of tea

A new Survey

And it's official - Men are slobs - Neil squirms admitting he's never emptied the kitchen bin (and he's even worn socks for more than one day eeugh!)

Jean from Penzance says her man Derek is perfect - and gets excited about using the steam mop - and he isn't alone!  Karen in Antony has a hubbie excited about steam mops too!!

£1000 Minute

Emma Simmons from St Tudy had a go of getting 10 general knowledge questions correct in 60 seconds, scoring a very respectable 8 out of 10.  Sadly she didn't win the money to put towards her wedding in June - but if you know someone newly engaged, or getting married - then Win a Wedding worth ££££THOUSANDS - enter online.

And don't forget, we still haven't played Round 3 of the World's Easiest Thousand Pound minute.

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