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28th February 2013

28th February 2013

Stumping the listeners with the Brainteaser, no-one correctly guessed the answer to the Brainteaser which was:

What do 40% of adults maintain from their childhood? 

Sara from Delabole got close (and had to console herself with a chocolate hobnob!) ... but the answer was a dislike of the same vegetables!  The fabulous CD prize rolls over to tomorrow.

Leona Lewis is the new brand activist for the Body Shop

In Showbiz news this morning, Leona Lewis is the new' brand activist' for the Body Shop....launching a new range of cruelty free cosmetics.  Neil decided that this is what happens to 'celebrities'  when their career is "bumbling along", though Tina called it 'diversification'.

We then discovered that Neil Caddy has gone in for a little 'diversification' himself.... and here's the evidence below!

daddy caddy crem


It's the last day of the shortest month - and that makes us more active apparently - could this explain, why Tina was so perky this morning?!

£1000 minute

And we had another 'almost' winner on the £1000 minute, with Tanya Reed from near Rame who just couldn't remember the name of the author of the Twilight Saga series.  Had she known it was Stephanie Meyer, she'd have been £1000 better off right now.  How would you have done with the questions?  Test yourself.

The last £1000 minute winner was Victoria Heywood on the 22nd October last year!  Will you have a go tomorrow?

Ludicrous Clothes

And we got talking about ludicrous clothes...after Beyonce had some custom made trainers from snake, crocodile and fish.Tina embarrassing clothes

Dave's Mum always managed to find the black balaclava that he hated wearing and tried to hide...

Penny loved wearing her dead Yak's coat (or that's what is looked like!) with mini-skirts....

and Sharon was grateful to her Mum for making her wearing orange tights to school - NOT - (instead of tan like the rest of her class!).

Of course - Tina doesn't realise we've found this picture of her as a kid - what IS she wearing?!

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