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Proud Mum

26th November 2014

Proud Mum

We received this letter from a proud mum.

I would like if I may bring your attention to my daughter Kerenza Piotrowicz, and the amazing thing she is doing to help support her 12 year old cousin and Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Twelve years ago my beautiful niece Ellie was born.  Unfortunately due to complications with the birth, she was born with Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy.  Despite this Ellie is one of the most determined, brave, mischievous, loving and funny people I have ever had the privilege to have in my life.

A couple of years ago, Ellie underwent deep brain surgery to insert implants to try and alleviate some of the muscular spasms that she suffers continually, and affects her quality of life.  The surgery made a huge difference. Unfortunately this year her doctors have discovered that these implants are no longer working correctly and she will have to undergo the surgery again.

With this surgery comes risks and effects, one of which is that Ellie will require to have her head shaved prior to surgery.  She has lovely hair and it has only now grown down to her shoulders again after the surgery last time.

My Kerenza and Ellie have always been close, there is only 11 weeks  difference in age, and when they are together they are always up to mischief.  Whether it's playing on the Wii, swimming in the pool, facing painting Anya (my other daughter) and I, or creating funny videos on her computer.  It is usually followed by lots of screaming and loads of laughter.  For both Kerenza and Anya, Ellie is just Ellie, and there are no barriers between them. 

When Kerenza found out that Ellie had to undertake her brain surgery again, she immediately wanted to do something to help and support her.

Kerenza has decided that she is going to shave her head so that Ellie doesn't have to go through it alone.  She has been growing her hair forever and has always wanted long hair, so long that she could sit on it.  However she feels so passionately about this cause,  that she is adamant that this is what she wants to do. 

 She has decided to donate her locks to the Little Princess Trust, a charity who provide real hair wigs for children suffering from hair loss.  She also wants to raise money for the children's hospital that has looked after Ellie, Guys & St Thomas' Evelina Children's Hospital, and so wants to be sponsored to shave her head.

We shall be travelling up to Stevenage to be with Ellie on the 29th November and we are planning to cut her hair, and shave her head on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  Ellie is due to go into hospital on the 1st December, with the surgery scheduled for the 2nd

Kerenza is a sensitive soul and always thinks and cares about others.  I am so proud of her strength, character and commitment to do something she cares so deeply about. I am truly humbled by her complete selflessness and actions. 

If you would be so kind as to share her story to help her raise funds for this fantastic cause, we would be very grateful.

Kind Regards

Julie Matraves-Piotrowicz (one very proud mum)

Well if you this Kerenza is a special lady - then follow the link to donate.

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Posted by Tina at 8:35am

Neil gets a surprise

20th November 2014

Neil gets a Surprise (not sure he likes it!) CHICKS

Neil and Tina get a visit from Tim Bunting from our friends at the CHICKS charity to present Neil with his Santa suit for the Callington Santa Sprint on6th December.

If you'd like to register to join Neil and all the other Santas here are the details. Cost is £10, plus sponsorship fundraising is most welcome!

Online  -

By telephone 01822 811020

By email

By picking up an entry form from Callington Town Hall, Kivells in Callington and Callington Community College 

PLUS there was a 'surprise' invitation but would Neil accept? Have a listen...


Well Neil is 40 in 2015!







Check out the Rihanna lookalike

There's a young lady in Boston, who is now a Rihanna lookalike.  Do you think she's the real deal?

Neil does!

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Posted by Tina at 6:17am

The Toy Appeal for Children's Hospice South West

18th November 2014

Children's Hospice South-West Toy AppealFive year old Alex handing presents to Emma for Children's hospice SW Toy Appeal

Pirate FM is running a Christmas campaign to support Children's Hospice South-West with Flying Start Nurseries for the 2015 Toy Appeal.

Neil and Tina spoke to 5 year old Alex about his donation, using his pocket money.

Wow - what a lovely thing to do. If you'd like to find out how you can get involved, please follow this link - and thank you.

What's Going On?

And Neil and Tina got talking about crazy sights in Cornwall, after a penguin was allegedly spotted in Looe, and we know there is a Unicylist that commutes around Redruth.  We had great calls, including these from June and Clint!

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Posted by Tina at 2:01pm

Anti-bullying Week - #BandAid30 and Win a Hot Tub

17th November 2014

Band Aid 30

After Bob Geldof's appearance on The X Factor at the weekend, we played the brand new #BandAid30 song just after 8am - if you'd like to know why it's so important, then here's a short introduction:


Anti- Bullying Week (17-23 Nov 14)

To kick off anti-bullying week, we invited Amy Jones into the studio as she continues her Stay Strong UK campaign to support victims of bullying and parents of those bulied.

Amy had some top tips which are worth a second listen.


Bottom line: If you are being bullied - tell someone and get help.

Win a Hot Tub

Make sure you have a listen to who is in the Hot Tub with Neil and Tina every morning after 0830 and then enter online so you are in with a chance of winning a fantastic L.A. Spas 'Belmar' Hot Tub. You can enter one every single day to improve your chance of winning this amazing prize with Cornish Hot Tubs at Carnon Downs Garden Centre.

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Posted by Tina at 7:03am

It's a Friday

14th November 2014

Bonkers Charity Fundraising

It's Children in Need day so a lot of people are doing fundraising - well done one and all.

Tina once drove a Nissan Bluebird Banger from Cornwall to Calais to take part in a a charity Barcelona Banger event dor Forces charities.

Listener Truck Bri once commentated from inside a competing car on a Demolition Derby, until he was dragged semi-conscious from the car!  It was all in aid of the Pirate Trust.

And Debbie Hunt had her head shaved for charity for Alzeheimers in memory of her dearly departed mum.  She's still fundraising despite having reached over £1800, and click here for her story, pictures and just giving page.  Her hair was even donated ot the Little Princessses charity that make real hair wigs for kids with cancer.

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Posted by Tina at 8:17am

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