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The Fonz visits Cornwall

1st October 2014

Henry Winkler OBE visits Cornwall fonz

As an Achievement for All Ambassador, Henry Winkler OBE is touring schools across Cornwall, supporting the My Way! Campaign.

He has an inspirational story for young people, speaking as a sufferer of severe dyslexia,


Find out what he has to say about the Cornish Pasty!

He's at Treloweth Community Primary School this morning and Humphry Davy School in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, he'll be at Liskeard Hillfort Primary School.

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Posted by Tina at 11:05am

Baked Bean Madness

30th September 2014

Early Morning madnessBaked Beans

Neil's stomach was turning this morning - have a listen....


.... you could have won a Pirate FM show bag if you'd known the answer.


After the news that the One Direction Wax Works in Blackpool have received hundres of fanmail letters... we wondered if you'd ever received any reply from celebrities you've contacted.

Julie from Plymouth has been tweeting with celebrities...


Win a thousand pounds

Every weekday, there's a grand up for grabs....AND we give you loads of help.  Listen to the 'golden half hour' from 7.30am!


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Posted by Tina at 12:04pm

Spider madness

29th September 2014

Spider's are Everywhere

Spider cartoon

Local cartoonist, Nick Brennan has captured the mood of September....we love it!

Neil says that handling Chilli the tarantula was great, memorable, but he wouldn't do it again - Tina on the other hand, would love to handle them again.

How about you?

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Posted by Tina at 7:02am

No doubt

26th September 2014

No Doubt

New video's emerged of Neil's reaction to holding Chilli the tarantula!

Posted by Tina at 5:22am

Neil and Tina face their fears

24th September 2014

Facing your fears

Neil is really freaked by the thought of handling a tarantula, and Tina is up for it!  See how they get on!

Thank you to listener Nicola Congden, from Falmouth, who brought Chilli to the studios!

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Posted by Tina at 9:19am

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