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David Williams on Cystic Fibrosis

5th July 2016

Listen to Tina Interview David Williams about his son, Albie, the discovery of his Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis, and the charity fund raising he's doing.

Hi, my name is David Williams. The 11th of January marked the proudest day of my life, so far. My wife Holly and I welcomed our first child; Albie Williams. He was born a healthy 6lbs 12 and we loved becoming parents. Three weeks after Albie’s birth we received a phone call which would devastate our lives; the results of the heel prick test confirmed that Albie had cystic fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis affects not just my life, but that of millions around the UK, and worldwide. 

fifty2s mapOn the 24th September 2016, myself and my good friend Luke Barber are going to be taking on what is known as an ultra-marathon. We will be taking on 52 miles of Cornwall’s grueling coastline to aid the work of Cystic Fibrosis Trust.  

The aim is to complete this 52.25 mile coastal run in one day, as a continuous run, we are looking to raise awareness of an illness which has no cure and to raise as much money as possible to further pursue the work that this truly amazing charity work towards on a daily basis. 

Click the link to find out more about Cystic Fibrosis, and if you'd like to donate, please do so through my Virgin Giving page.

Thank you. 

Posted by Tina at 2:41pm

National Bikini Day 2016

5th July 2016

National Bikini Day

Summer's started and it's National Bikini Day, yes, we did say National Bikini Day. It turns out that Bikini was invented 70 years ago! So, what better way to pay homage to swim wear. 

Tina said "It's so hard to wear so little!", and here's the moment Neil reveals his attire. 

This was the vision in the studio on #NationalBikiniDay for #Breakfast and this was Tina's reaction:

Bikini Day


Brrr! Turn the heating up! 

Neil and Tina's Signature


Posted by Tina at 8:46am

Feeling low - change your pants

17th June 2016


If you're feeling low, then you may be able to channel different energy - just by the colour of your knickers!

A report from an Australian colour- response analyst, Angel O'Bryant concludes that Black, White and Grey undies don't vibrate energy.

Find out what colour Tina's wearing!

Check out your mood!

Colour of  Pants


Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 11:59am

Local Radio Day Gallery

7th June 2016

Local Radio DayLocal Radio DayLocal Radio Day SamLocal Radio DayLisa  B B live organ donationLocal Radio DayLocal Radio Day

Posted by Tina at 2:02pm

Local Radio Day 2016

7th June 2016

Meet Brave Sam Tredrea

Neil and Tina delivered random acts of kindness on Local Radio Day and caught up with Sam Tredrea, who lives in Camborne.  

Local Radio Day Sam

For the last 2 years Sam has been battling a tumour, only recently diagnosed, and begun specialist treatment.  We took mum Anne flowers, plus a PS4 game for Sam and a magazine.

Here's some of Sam's story:

AND Koru Kayaking donated a special trip for Sam and his friends to enjoy a special day out for when he's feeling better. Thank you.

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 1:48pm

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