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Random Act of Kindness - Matthew Bailey-Brown

7th June 2016

On Friday 27th May, we celebrated Local Radio Day, with Random Acts of Kindness.

We heard the incredible story of Matthew Bailey-Brown in St Breward who is donating his kidney, to neighbour Mim who has kidney failure and is on daily dialysis for the past 4 years.

Here's their story:

Lisa  B B live organ donationWell we thought Matthew was a worthy recipient of a random act of kindness visit.

If you want to find out more about live organ kidney donation, click the links:

Living Kidney donation.

Kidney research

Give a kidney

What an incredible guy.

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Posted by Tina at 7:00am

BGT - Josh Curnow is on voice rest

23rd May 2016

Jen and  Josh  CurnowJosh Curnow is a semi-finalist on BGT

We call his house this morning - but can't talk to Josh, as he's on voice rest until Tuesday!

If you missed the moment Josh first broke onto our TV screens on Britain's Got Talent, have a listen again!

So Jen, Josh's partner, the so-called "lucky cow" as labelled by David Walliams, tells us what's been happening!

Keep an eye on Josh's Facebook page for info as to when Josh Curnow will appear in his BGT semi-final.

Jen tells us how the preparations are going on the day of the semi-final.

We can't wait - Cornwall is right behind you!


4th place - we're gutted for you Josh - but also so proud - cant wait to hear you play live in the studios.

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Posted by Tina at 9:37am

Emily wins poetry competition

21st May 2016

Emily House of LordsWinning World War 1 Poem

Perranporth's Emily Dutson has won a national poetry competition for her poem about World War One

Tina caught up with her after the event, which involved a trip to the House of Lords to receive her award.

What a superstar!


Here's the poem

What would they think?

I have visited museums; been into a mock trench,

I have tasted the ration packs, and smelt the foul stench,

Of a war that killed more men than my mind can behold.

Of a people so unbelievably strong and so bold.


I have read of the politics –“Ferdinand” rings a bell,

The manoeuvres and battles, all the stories to tell.

Letters home to loved ones never again seen.

The songs sung to keep the spirits up and men keen.

I have heard of the men who saw such horrific sights,

That would chase them through their dreams in the night.


 And yet the museum experience of taste, smell, sound and sight,

Cannot bring to me the terrible horror and fright,

Of the 8.5 million who died in the fields,

In the hope a fairer place the world would yield.

But I watch the news sitting next to my mum,

And see the count of people injured, displaced from their homes.

There are millions today affected by wars,

That ,people believe, are for a fair and just cause.


We remember the soldiers who died through those years,

They gave up their lives so we could live without fear.

I ask “What would they think of our world today?”

My mum shakes her head, with a look of dismay,

“Oh Emily,” she says “Our hope is with you,

your friends and their brother and their sisters too,

To think of the lessons that millions would give,

To live the life they died for, that they hoped we might  live.”  

By Emily Dutson.    Age 9


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Posted by Tina at 11:59am

Do you sit by an office window?

19th May 2016

Neil sat by a WindowDo you sit by an office window?

Neil explains why you might want to reshuffle the office furniture:

Might explain why Neil's got wrinkles!!

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Posted by Tina at 9:50am

Neil can sleep again

18th May 2016

Neil is losing beauty sleep, over what are the black rubber strips on roads that attach to a green box.


Caller Celine puts Neil out of his misery:

Phew - glad we sorted that one out!

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Posted by Tina at 10:31am

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