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Loo Rolls - over or under?

17th May 2016

loo roll tinaThe Great Toilet Roll Debate

The discussion raged this morning on Breakfast.

Great matters of state were pushed aside, on a day where we revealed couples bicker 2450 times a year (that's about 7 times a day).

Which way should a loo roll sit on its holder?

Boy oh boy, did we touch a raw nerve!? here's some texts:

Toilet roll has to be over that's why they pit the pattern on that side!

Good morning to you both. For me....the toilet paper HAS to be over. I even change friends if it's the wrong way! Julie

Scientifically having the toilet roll over creates more friction against the wall. If the roll is of the cheaper variety this causes the paper to rip or break off when you don't want it to, causing frustration and leading to more arguments. Andy St Austell

So, what did Cornwall's poll reveal?

Best text:

Has the world gone mad Tina and Neil agreeing when the topic is bickering? Think you two must be the best bickerers in the UK :-) Bob

We love you too Bob!

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 10:51am

Meet My Mum - The Date

12th May 2016

Masked Date Night @ Bystro at the Bank

M M M date night


So Anna Friend from Looe arrives at Bystro at the Bank in St Austell to finally meet her date, but who is he?

Here's how they felt before they met up


Darren (Yes, Date my Dad Winner Darren Pegler):

Here's the video of them meeting ...

Meet my Mum Anna 'meets' Date my Dad Darren from Tina Bee on Vimeo.

How did the date go?



And will they meet up again?  We couldn't get a straight answer from Anna this morning - so, as Psychic Sue said - 'patience' is the key?!?!

If you're single, in Cornwall, and struggling to find love, watch this space, we're bound to bring you more on this tricky topic in the months to come!

Thank you to Ben & Mel Stevens from Bystro at the Bank, plus head chef Steve Marsh for exquisite food, all the attentive waiting staff and the fantastic entertainment from the TO-LIFE theatre group!

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 7:43am

Meet my Mum Update

11th May 2016

Pre date jitters?

It's finally arrived ... date night for Meet My Mum Winner, Anna Friend from Looe.

Our carefully selected man, is over his Man Flu, but who is he?

What does resident Psychic Sue predict?

And poor Anna has had an accident ...

M M M anna masksWe catch up with Anna to find out if she's nervous?

So we are off to a Dinner Theatre night at Bystro at the Bank in St Austell and Tina's got a plan that will hopefully break the ice, and cover up Anna's broken face .... masks!

Not sure who is more nervous, them or us!

Neil and Tina's Signature


Posted by Tina at 9:18am

Jane Oxley

10th May 2016

Jane  OxleyThe amazing Jane Oxley joins Neil and Tina in the studio to talk about her journey with breast cancer.

You can see her video on Facebook telling her story. Jane is currently living with Stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to her bones after discovering she had cancer 6 years ago.

Her message is 'Check your Boobs NOW' - it could save your life.

Jane is taking part in the Falmouth Race for Life on Sunday.  If you'd like to donate to Jane's JustGiving page, please click the link.


Neil and Tina's Signature


If you'd like advice to check your boobs, follow these links: 

How to check your boobs


Breast Cancer symptoms

Consult your GP, if you have any concerns.

Posted by Tina at 6:24am

Marshall Janson

10th May 2016

Marshall Janson plays football at SpursMarshall  Janson in goal -  Kerstin and anneli

Perranporth's Marshall Janson has become the star of Social Media and television, but more importantly, the most recent star of his favourite football team, Tottenham Hotspur!

Marshall, after photos taken by Mark Polmear, playing football on his blades, stormed social media with people calling out for Marshall to meet the team.  Well Spurs, have pulled out the stops for Marshall, who is a quadruple amputee, having survived meningitis just after his first birthday.  


Last weekend Marshall walked through the tunnel on the Tottenham Hotspur pitch with Dad Moss  and had a kick about at half-time with Mousa Dembele and the substitutes, and on Thursday, Marshall is returning to Spurs to actually take part in a players training session.

Neil and Tina catch up with the family.

What a super family, and awesome inspirational lad.  Good luck training with the team on Thursday.

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 5:30am

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