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Pancake Tossing Competition 2016

9th February 2016

Kate vs HM Queen

We touched a nerve today - Neil and Tina spark a feud over the story that the Queen travelled on a train (Costing £54 first class) and Kate travelled the same journey in a helicopter (Costing £3,000).

Neil claims Kate made a PR mistake but Tina thinks that we are too quick to judge and £3000 in the big scheme of things is not that much money - compared to the value added to the UK by the Royal Family - here are some of your thoughts.

Tina is right. The Queen would have entourage and security staff so would have the whole carriage booked. How many seats? Plus staff in another carriage taking up seats. Add up the whole cost. Kate is to be the next Queen of England. From a security perspective, that cost of the helicopter is minimal, not forgetting oh so convenient for her and the security detail. Andy.

I'm with Neil on this one. We all lead busy life's. But with the economy as it is at the moment I think Kate should have gone on the train. Besides Kate has got nannies and helpers with the children unlike most people. Yes she's a royal but if it's good enough for the Queen than it should be good enough for Kate.

I don't really care if the Royal's take the train or fly. It was Tina's comment that upset my husband and I was that £3000 wasn't a lot of money, tell that to a homeless person or someone who really needs that money.

Neil you're being ridiculous. 1. The queen owns a private jet for goodness sake. 2 they would've taken 4-5 cars and met her there. If it wasn't a pr stunt why didn't she ride back in one of those?

Best Pancake Tosser 2016

And then there was the Best Pancake Tossing competition for 2016 - with a twist - who found that blindfold?

You can win up to £2K on the Thousand Pound Minute back at 0820 tomorrow and 'steal' some cash on the  #SecretSound Turnaround - weekdays at 0720.

See you tomorrow.

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 11:20am

St Austell donations for the Sunrise Appeal

2nd February 2016

Dave Stevens has been fundraising for the Sunrise Appeal and wants to thank the local businesses for all their support.

Charity  Donations

Plus Andy's Flowers and Wetherspoons in St Austell

Well Done

Posted by Tina at 10:56am

Flashback Forfeit 2015

14th January 2016

Every Friday between 6 am and 7am, Neil and Tina each choose a Flashback song which the listeners vote on to decide which gets played just before 7am.  Last year's forfeit, undertaken by Neil was to complete a dog agility course.

For 2015, Kurt suggested Neil should milk cows as his forfeit for losing the Friday Flashback.

Here's what happens when Neil and Tina visit Duchy College at Stoke Climsland.

Have a listen:

Here's some of the photos...

Milking CowsMilking Cows

Milking CowsMilking Cows

CHSW Celebrate 25 years

And we'll be catching up with Emma Lloyd-Cowell to tell us all about their Silver Anniversary as they celebrate 25 years in 2016.  Watch out for the Silver Ball in November at the Headland Hotel in Newquay.

Kiley Tellam popped in to chat to Tina about the events:


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Posted by Tina at 2:23pm

How attractive are you?

7th January 2016

Yesterday we told you that restaurants only seat attractive people in the window seats of their establishment - so if you're not in the window that means you're ugly!!

Now Blinq have an app which uises artificial intelligence to rate you from Godlike through stuning to OK and finally Hmmm!

Try it for yourself, and it'll also guess your age!

Have fun today at work and school!

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Posted by Tina at 7:16am

'Twas the night before Christmas 2015

24th December 2015

Christmas EveTwas the_ Night_ Before_ Christmas_-_ Project_ Gutenberg_e Text_17135

It's almost here - 1 sleep to go and Christmas is a magical time of the year for children,  young and old.

Tina went out to local schools and they recorded their versions of the Clement Clarke Moore classic Christmas Eve story 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.


Ludgvan Primary School

Here's the pupils from Year R to Year 6 reading the poem.

Tregolls Academy

Here's the choir singing the poem, with soloist Sophie and accompanied by Patrick (a parent) on the piano.

What talented children!!

And here's how you work out your Star Wars Name, which you'll need over the festive period!

Work out your Star  Wars name

Neil = Cadne Jacam

Tina = Besti Sabel

Merry Christmas Everyone


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Posted by Pirate FM at 7:00am

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