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Wierd things kids say

17th April 2015

Neil freaked by something his daughter said at bedtime and you shared all your stories too

Embarrassing Stories

16th April 2015

After a management conference, Neil's been lording up with celebs but he did have an embarrassing story to relate!

The Slob to Heartthrob Transformation

10th April 2015

What a week - nominated by partner Georgina, Wayne Paternotte from St Ives has been transformed from a slob to a heart-throb by Neil and Tina and here's how it happened.

Comedy Royalty - Dawn French

27th March 2015

Neil meets Dawn French (sort-of) as a guest at her installation as Chancellor of Falmouth University

Neil tries a face mask

25th March 2015

Amateur slob to heart-throb transformation continues with a face mask!

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