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Wierd things kids say

17th April 2015

At bedtime last night, Georgie grabbed her daddy's face and said "Goodbye Daddy"

Neil gently corrected her saying "you mean, Goodnight Daddy"

She replied firmly "No, Goodbye Daddy" EEEKKKK

You had your so many of your own stories ...

Theresa, Plymouth text   My sister and I were discussing her upcoming 40th birthday, I said to my 5 yr old niece who was listening "mummy's 40 this year" to which she replied "mummy you're old" but that wasn't the worst of it, she then said "so you'll be 40, then 100 and then you'll be dead!" That's kids for you !

Here are some of the callers

Emma from Liskeard told her about her son


Marie's nephew reads graffiti aloud..

We're back on Monday, with a NEW Secret Sound contestant, a music themed Thousand Pound minute plus pay 'It's Now or Never' to win.

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Posted by Tina at 2:36pm

Embarrassing Stories

16th April 2015

Neil with Lawson, Joel and Adam#Boobgrab

So Neil has been away at a Management Conference and it all started very badly when he met one of the other station Managing Directors!

As well as rubbing shoulders with the stars (pictured right with Joel and Adam from Lawson), here's the story as to how Neil managed a #boobgrab and your stories of equally embarrassing events!

No sign of that photo of a duck at a stately home yet!  It's so good to be back at work!

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Posted by Tina at 11:08am

The Slob to Heartthrob Transformation

10th April 2015

Follow our Slob's Journey to Heartthrob

First up - on Tuesday we revealed our SLOB - Wayne Paternotte from St Ives, a waiter at the Chy-an-Albany Hotel was nominated by partner Georgina - have a listen:


So we separated Wayne and Georgina, sending him to stay at The Glendorgal Hotel in Newquay until the Big Reveal.  

And it so the transformation began ... 

attic Manicure First up, we headed to The Attic Beauty Salon in Wadebridge, where Wayne began his first treatment, waxing his back:

Followed by a manicure and pedicure, under the professional hands of Vicky, it wasn't too stressful an experience:


Haircut at Split EnzWayne's overgrown but usual No.1 all over haircut was tidied up by professional hairstylist Vicky from Split Enz in St Agnes, which made an impressive difference:

Next it was time to tackle those moobs hidden away under his hoodie!  Off to Zest Beauty salon in Goonhavern for non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction at the hands of professional Claire. Zest LiposuctionClaire explains how it works:

and the immediate results were impressive:


It was now time to suit and boot our slob at David Parish Menswear in Launceston at the hands of professional dresser Richard.  Imagine the scene from Pretty Woman where outfit after outfit was tried on, even a pink shirt!


Slob  David  Parish montage






The result was a very dapper Wayne, in a summery outfit that will be suitable to mix and match for all occasions.

It's time to put our slob through his final paces, with teeth whitening and a hydra-facial with Aqua Skincare in their Truro salon (and they have a Gonwin Manor Carbis Way salon too).

montage aqua

After all the pampering, the only thing left now is the actual re-uniting of Wayne, our slob, with his partner Georgina, as she's the only one who can judge his heart-throb status.

Here's the moment we reveal Wayne to Georgina for her verdict:

Must hire mustang


Now Wayne is declared a Heartthrob, its time to whisk them off in a Mustang convertible courtesy of Sharon from Must Hire Mustang to their luxury break. Good job too as Sharon said she couldn't have any slobs in her cars!

MarrakechAnd of course, the luxurious 2 night stay away at the One4Two couples only retreat in Bude awaits our Heartthrob Wayne and partner Georgina.  Kathy explains the concept, and the lucky couple get to stay in the Marrakech suite:

To see all the photos, check out the Slob to Heartthrob gallery.

And this is not the end of the story - both Georgina and Wayne have decided to Quit Smoking with Cornwall's Stop Smoking and Health Promotion service, and we will follow-up on their continued transformation in the weeks and months to come.


Linda Quee gave general advice to anyone else wanting to Stop Smoking.

Thanks to everyone involved in Slob to Heartthrob promotion and it's been a real pleasure getting to know Wayne and Georgina.

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Posted by Tina at 11:17am

Comedy Royalty - Dawn French

27th March 2015

dawn frenchAs if Neil Caddy didn't have enough of a crush on Dawn French as it is, he is a distinguished guest at the installation of the Chancellor at Falmouth University and quite frankly, he's gushing...

So he didn't even get a selfie ....

Neil Signature

Posted by Tina at 9:52am

Neil tries a face mask

25th March 2015

Slob to Heartthrob

Tina gets to apply not one but 2 face masks to Neil in an attempt to make him more youthful!

Neil's not very sure about the relaxation photograph - panda face - and looks like a TV star ... Benidorm Gran!

Neil facemaskNeil and TV star

What were the results when the mask was removed?



Clearly a bit more work by the professionals is required! Nominate your slob for a proper transformation!

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Posted by Tina at 9:52am

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