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Nosehair plucking

24th March 2015

Slob to Heartthrob

Neil is being very brave and 'taking one for the team' as Tina performs a DIY transformation of Neil in our SLOB to Heart-throb promotion.

Clearly, as he's turned 40, it's a downhill slide from here.

So from waxing his arm, Tina has graduated to something that involves a form of stripping - nose hair

He needed tissues...

Have a listen:


What will Tina do to Neil tomorrow?

Nominate your chap to get a 'professional' transformation not this amateur torture that Neil is experiencing at the hands of Tina. 
Tina plucks Neil's nasal hair
Neil and Tina's Signature

Neil waxing

Posted by Tina at 10:27am

Neil gets waxed

19th March 2015

Finding out, DIY Style, how a 'slob' might transform to 'heartthrob', Tina gets to work on Neil's excessive hair...

Hear Neil scream like a girl:


Neil waxing Clearly any participants in Slob to Heartthrob will only have the professionals giving them a buff and polish before you enjoy a romantic 2 night stay away in a couples only retreat!

Neil's not happy!

Neil and Tina's Signature


Posted by Tina at 10:40am

Neil's 40th Birthday

18th March 2015

Today was Neil's birthday, he thought everyone had forgotten – but we hadn’t….

And we had a few surprises in store! 

Have a listen below to the highlights from Neil's 40th Birthday.


Posted by Pirate FM at 4:51pm

Relationship advice

12th March 2015

Knowing that men are not quite as emotionally sensitive as women, Neil asked Tina for some advice over his mate who we've named Gary, and partner who we've named Suzy (sorry to all the Gary and Suzy couples out there - and we did speak to one!) and it's all a bit awkward as she's said to him that he's "let himself go " ... Gary's hurt and doesn't know what to do....Gary's even wondering if he should propose ...

Tina reckons that they must have a solid relationship for Gary's partner to be so honest...after all they've been together 8 years - always said that marriage is not on the cards and have no kids.

Well Cornwall certainly had a lot to say about this....

Darren's been there and had some first-class advice - which seems to have worked as he and his partner are now tieing the knot - have a listen:


Claire has some honest advice:


Vinnie knows exactly what it feels like:


Vicks and Penny


Where's this all going to go? Who knows - cos we reckon we've touched a nerve across the Duchy and there'll be a few others now worried about their relationship.

Neil and Tina's Signature


Posted by Tina at 9:48am

CHICKS Easter Egg appeal

11th March 2015

Easter Egg AppealThe Pirate FM Easter Egg appeal for CHICKS

Even though Neil cannot run the London Marathon for CHICKS this year - it hasn't lessened our involvement with CHICKS and today we launched a very special 2015 Easter Egg Appeal to Make Memories for disadvantaged kids.

Tina joined the kids recently for an activity day and the kids were enjoying just being kids...


To join in, find an egg donation station online.


Your small donation will make a huge difference and show kids that people care.

See more photos in the gallery.





Top Gear

After the Jeremy Clarkson suspension, we asked if anyone had some behind the scenes gossip from Top Gear.  Listener Andy from Crowlas didn't let us down... have a listen

More madness tomorrow

Neil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 12:13pm

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