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Cornwall's Miss London candidate

10th April 2014

Amy WrayLocal Girl takes on Miss London

Neil and Tina catch up with Cornish girl, Amy Wray on her career since being in the Pirate FM girlband, Eden.

From modelling for Amy Child's clotheswear range, to working with Peter Andre, Amy's decided to enter the Miss London Beauty Pageant, following in the footsteps of Amy Willerton!

Listen to the full interview again here:

You can support Amy's fundraising efforts for Beauty with a Purpose and her Fashion Show at Hotel Victoria, Newquay on Saturday on 19th April 2014.

Tina's eventful evening

When should a parent let their child call the shots?  Tina's little boy's been nagging her for a haircut...and the deed took place last night!

woody haircut montage

Costly mistakes

Tina's had a bit of a an expensive time recently!  Here's the story:

"Last week was manically busy.  It was the end of term so kids had lots of appointments like music exams, swimming lessons, vet appointment and the like

One of the things I needed to do was get my car serviced, so in what I thought was a masterstroke of planning, I organised to drop my car at the garage late afternoon and pick up a courtesy car, then go on to the dentist with the kids so the garage could service my car the next day and I could collect it after work on my way to Local Heroes.

Now here’s my first gripe…why is it that people leave a courtesy car, with only fumes in the tank?

The red light was flashing, but I needed to get kids to the dentist, so drove carefully there -  we had our teeth checked – passed with flying colours – cos the dentist is always like an exam isn’t it?! - and afterwards – with even less fuel, I drove to the nearest garage.

So I stopped at the garage…. the courtesy was a newer model of EXACTLY the same car that I drive, so I knew which side to fill up the fuel, I put the nozzle back into the machine having put a reasonable amount of fuel in the tank knowing what journeys I had to do…I was thinking about all the things I still had to do - get kids home for tea, prepare for the next days show, and get my daughter to Surf Life Club -so I was a bit distracted…

and as I placed the nozzle back, I realised it was green – and it should have been black! 


My heart sank – so I went into the garage and explained my mistake – obviously had to pay for the wrong fuel – It was quarter past 5but I rang the Dealer who’s courtesy car I had – who said, I’d have to recover the car to them but they didn’t have another courtesy car, and my own car was now locked in the workshop with oil draining out of it. 

Anyway – a lovely man from Wrong Fuel Ltd rescued me from Plymouth and thanks to the very nice staff at Westways garage who didn’t laugh at me too much and also the mid-cornwall landscaping boys who pushed the car away from the petrol pumps!

Kids and I had a picnic tea on the garage forecourt – and I got Maya to nippers, and felt marginally better when one of the Dad’s said his wife had done the same the week before!"

Could  anyone top that?  Well have a listen - Debbie's a definite candidate!!

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