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Dirty Cash, Scrumpy and Vacuum cleaners

1st September 2014

Is it the end of the school holidays? It is a 5 day working week as kids, parents and teachers prepare to go back to school.

Suck it up

Over the weekend, have you rushed out to spend money on a Vacuum cleaner?


Listen to Neil's crazy idea's of how to develop the humble vacuum cleaner - complete madness - if you sell them on their high powered sucking ability!!

Dirty CashNeil rubber gloves

There was a bit of a disagreement over whether Neil is a Germophobe!  What do you think?


There's a claim that cash machines have as much dirt as a public loo!


And whilst we all know it's not polite to listen in to other people's conversations, it can cause great amusement.  Find out what one person thought 'Scrumpy' is....


Tina reckons a tall grumpy person must be a 'Trumpy'! Oh - a new name for Neil Caddy!

Weekend Socialising & Life is over (X-Factor has started again)

Finally, everyone is talking about the X-Factor, so all this week - you can WIN on the 'Aaaahhhh' Factor!

Superstar Charlies sings classics which you need to identify.  Well done to Steve in Newquay who won himself the X-Factor Greatest Audiotions.....Ever DVD. Your chance is back tomorrow.

Listen from 5am.

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