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Driving Tests, new jobs and Scouting - plus cake

14th October 2014

Dyb dyb dyb, Dob dob dobTina as a Girl Guide

Neil confesses that he only managed 2 weeks of cubs, because it clashed with 'Knightrider' on the telly!  The adventure of Scouting is gaining popularity, but more volunteers are needed..Tina finds out more.


If you'd like to volunteer, even as little as a couple of hours a month, or to find out more about Scouting local to you, contact by email:

or visit the website

Or you can get along to the Goonhavern Primary school today (14 October) at 5.30pm to join in the fun activities.

Neil admits he'd like a badge, any badge...

Driving Tests

So, after Undriveables was on TV last night we got chatting about driving tests...and a few more confessions. It turns out we weren't alone. Shelley failed her test before leaving he test centre and Rik was a bit too gungho with the handbrake - for good reason - have a listen.


And then Lorna's test resulted in a walk back to the Test centre and Claire wishes that older folks took a re-test at a certain age...

Now that opens up a whole can of worms... should we have to re-take a driving test past a certain age?

Would you like to work at Pirate FM?

We are the Sunday Times No1 best mid-sized company to work for, for 4 years running... and there are a few jobs fact one is a job that Neil had to be removed from.... he just wasn't clever enough. Find out more

If you'd like to apply, then visit the Jobspot.

And you could end up working here at Pirate FM, and eating cake, with Neil and Tina!

Neil and Tina Eat Cake

Eating Cake

Listener Madison Glinski is not even a teenager, and she's on track to raise £20,000 for Children's Hospice South-West.  she challenged Neil and Tina to eat cake .... and put the picture on her Facebook page, encouraging people to donate.

If you'd like to support her, find out more, or donate, then click the link.

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