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Loo Rolls - over or under?

17th May 2016

loo roll tinaThe Great Toilet Roll Debate

The discussion raged this morning on Breakfast.

Great matters of state were pushed aside, on a day where we revealed couples bicker 2450 times a year (that's about 7 times a day).

Which way should a loo roll sit on its holder?

Boy oh boy, did we touch a raw nerve!? here's some texts:

Toilet roll has to be over that's why they pit the pattern on that side!

Good morning to you both. For me....the toilet paper HAS to be over. I even change friends if it's the wrong way! Julie

Scientifically having the toilet roll over creates more friction against the wall. If the roll is of the cheaper variety this causes the paper to rip or break off when you don't want it to, causing frustration and leading to more arguments. Andy St Austell

So, what did Cornwall's poll reveal?

Best text:

Has the world gone mad Tina and Neil agreeing when the topic is bickering? Think you two must be the best bickerers in the UK :-) Bob

We love you too Bob!

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