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April 2013

Friday 26th April 2013

26th April 2013

Women are online stalkers (Neil's opinion) as 50% check out  a future date online beforehand - Tina disagreed and thought it was sensible...

It seems Dave had a lucky escape - checked out a lady, only to find there was a lady with the same name wanted for a double murder in Australia!  Justina checks out chaps - but if you google her you'll find Justina bought Ronan Keating's pants - from us!!  It was all in aid of the Pirate Trust!

And how cute was 6 year old Jake Iveson with his version of the Friday song?!  Neil and Tina are now worried about their jobs!Neil and Tina's Signature

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Thursday 25th April 2013

25th April 2013


Tina was strict this morning.  What do more than three quarters (77%) of us believe you should protect kids from?

Swearing; themselves; getting into a gang; illness or vaccinations, drugs, poor diets were all wrong guesses and Tina disallowed "smoking" because the actual answer was 'smoking in a car'!  Gotta be absolutely specific to get it absolutely right!Mens frilly knickers

Why did we get talking about mens frilly knickers?



And what can you not bear to be parted from?

We learn that a man has kept a MacDonalds burger for 14 years!

Answers included Valentine's cards from 25 years ago, penguins (Lisa has over 500 in a collection), Justina has a piece of cake with the picture of parents on it - kept in the freezer and Heidi couldn't part with her duvet this morning!!

14 yr old macdonaldsNeil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 11:31am

Wednesday 24th April 2013

24th April 2013

On the brainteaser this morning, loads of wrong answers on the Brainteaser of what would 88% of us borrow from a neighbour without asking….

Ladder was Teresa's suggestion - which Neil arranged to borrow… Parking space was a controversial answer and the most popular answer but getting it right was Jo Lobb from St Day with Internet access

Luis Suarez wearing a collarWe got talking about uniforms - and mens' DIY cover-ups - Gary from Penryn's call was priceless, and involved biscuits...




The big topic of controversy was Liverpool's Luis Suarez and his 3 match ban!!

Neil suggested he could maybe help out Arglye in their next fixture, which didn't go down too well.

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Posted by Tina at 9:58am

23rd April 2013 - St George's Day

23rd April 2013

St Georges Day

On today's show, Neil reveals he now has 5 grey hairs! It's all downhill from here…


Tina won on the Brainteaser with no-one correctly guessing the answer to:

What would 37 per cent of us do at the end of a night out?

Have a Kebab or any kind of takeaway was Neil's suggestion.  Others included falling asleep (on the sofa, in the toilet, anywhere); drinking and dialling; losing keys, wallets, shoes; or raiding the fridge. The answer:  pinch a pub beer glass!

St Georges Day - Neil slays the dragonGeorge and the Dragon

We asked Cornwall how we should celebrate St George's Day as every other patron saint gets a good party!

Ideas included:

  • Have a parade where George slays the dragon
  • Beth from Bodmin says resurrect street parties
  • Sophie from Par - have crumpet parties, with a silent Queen's speech where we watch Her Majesty eat crumpets!
  • Rina from Fraddon - enjoy a plain old cup of tea

A new Survey

And it's official - Men are slobs - Neil squirms admitting he's never emptied the kitchen bin (and he's even worn socks for more than one day eeugh!)

Jean from Penzance says her man Derek is perfect - and gets excited about using the steam mop - and he isn't alone!  Karen in Antony has a hubbie excited about steam mops too!!

£1000 Minute

Emma Simmons from St Tudy had a go of getting 10 general knowledge questions correct in 60 seconds, scoring a very respectable 8 out of 10.  Sadly she didn't win the money to put towards her wedding in June - but if you know someone newly engaged, or getting married - then Win a Wedding worth ££££THOUSANDS - enter online.

And don't forget, we still haven't played Round 3 of the World's Easiest Thousand Pound minute.

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Monday 22 April 2013

22nd April 2013

Welcome back to Monday...

It's D day - start the biking beach body diet today apparently! 

We had the usual brainteaser, well done to winner Ian Henshaw from Falmouth.

Congratulations too to London marathon runners including News Emma Carton and traffic Adam  - can Neil get Tina doing it next year?  Or will it be the Moonwalk instead!

And we talk to George Shelley from Union J as they preview their new single - Carry You - will it be the next No1?


More madness tomorrow! Will we be dragon slaying?!!

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Posted by Tina at 11:08am

Friday 19th April 2013

19th April 2013

Lick your elbow BT












It's a Feel Good Friday and you can listen to today's daily highlight here.

And the Love Crew have been all over Cornwall this week - and will be next week too - coming within stickering distance to you - you can check where you can meet them and pick up your Love Cornwall car sticker - and get spotted so that you are in with a chance of winning £50 of free fuel.  Listen at 9.20 on weekend breakfast show to hear if your car registration is read out, tehn you'll have 102 mins to call to win the cash.

And if you missed anything on the Breakfast Show this week - catch up with the highlights on the Best of Breakfast - Saturdays between 1 - 6pm. 

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Tuesday 16th April 2013

16th April 2013

A Local Heroes Weekend

We're back after a Local Heroes weekend.  Yesterday we played the audio from the video clips - which you can watch online.
Barefoot Tina studioTina was barefoot all day - why?  You can find out by listening here.

The nailpolish didn't stop Neil treading on her toes, through the show. Ouch!

And after research shows that children incessantlly ask questions...we asked what awkward questions have you been asked by kids?

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Posted by Tina at 3:02pm

Friday 12th April

12th April 2013

We made it gang, to the end of the a VERY long 5-day week (well, we have had a few 4 day weeks recently!).

Gillian Boyd £1000 easy meets Neil and Tina to collect her cashWinner

Gillian Boyd, was the second winner of our World's Easiest Thousand Pound competition and she popped in to collect her £1000 cash.  Click the picture to find out how she is planning on spending the money.  It really was as simple as 1,2,3.

And don't worry if you didn't get a chance to play - Round 3 is out and you can find out all ten questions and ALL ten answers to the Special Edition Part 3 of the World's Easiest Thousand Pound Minute, this time it's as easy as A,B,C.

Reminiscing Over Kids Games

In a Daily Mail article today, kids would rather read, do chores or homework than play outside - so it got us thinking about the games we played as kids.

Cornwall's list included 40:40 (also known as manhunt); british bulldog; french skipping; stuck in the mud; knockdown ginger; kiss chase; table football; confused postman; k-nocker; hula hoop; conkers and marbles!

Have a great weekend.

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Posted by Tina at 9:00am

Wednesday 10th April

10th April 2013


Tina is back on form...what do one in five of us do at least once every week?  Listen here.

Neil and GeorgieTina: "Coffee Neil?" 

Neil:  "Wouldn't say no!"

Tina is convinced that Neil's grave should have his catch phrase..."Wouldn't say no" engraved in BIG letters!

Unusually, both Tina and Neil were on the coffee this morning - making them hyper - Tina 'cos she'd been rocking out to Simple Minds last night at Plymouth Pavilions and Georgie kept Neil awake!

We decided to call Georgie and ask her to explain herself.  

The worst things a man can say to a woman

Here's the top ten list:

Liam has another suggestion; and Tim has an apology.

And Mike is a point..with Ashleigh and Abbi bringing kids into the equation.

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Tuesday 9 April 2013

9th April 2013


The Redruth Roadrunner has finally ended ended Tina's winning streak on the Brainteaser, by knowing that over a third of us would wear flip flops all the time, and he wins the Now 84 CD.Mrs  Thatcher,  Tina and Mum

RIP Baroness Thatcher

And Tina reveals the moment that the then Mrs Thatcher, Prime Minister visted her home in the early 1980s!

A very young Tina (left) is pictured with her mum (centre) and Mrs Thatcher.

Click the picture to listen to Tina explain the story as to why she visited and find out what the Prime Minister drank!

£1000 Minute

Every weekday at 8.20 am we give someione in Cornwall the chance to win £1000.  All they need to do is answer 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds.  Listen to how Lesley Woodhouse from Quintrell Downs gets on.  The 2012 Tour de France Winners name really did trip her up....


Posted by Tina at 5:55am

Monday 8th April

8th April 2013


So just under 2/3rds of us don't have what?  Neil's answer of a lawnmower was wrong, as was those who said a pension plan (Charles, Baz and Mo) or Life Insurance (Pete) or a will (Pete's wife and Vicki).

Listen here for the answer.


Fake dogAnd would you be able to tell that the animal on the right, is not in fact a poodle dog...but a ferret (on steroids)?

So we asked about your fake purchases.

Listeners had bought fake sunglasses, shirts and fake, fake tan....

...have a listen



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Happy 21st Birthday Pirate FM

3rd April 2013

Pirate FM comes of age - Happy 21st Birthday!

21st birthday cake + teamThank you for our amazing studio desk cake made by Dawn from Edible Elegance's - cakes for all occasions.

Celebrating with the retro jingles and playing the iconic Beach Boys track that launched Pirate FM on the airwaves in 1992, watchto the BBC Spotlight report, as we launch on 3 April 1992.

Find out about the "Music and Froth", and "Feeble" news and what is the donkey challenge...set by Neil Caddy to BBC's James Churchfield!


Neil and Tina's SignatureHappy 21st Birthday blog

Posted by Tina at 9:16am

Tuesday 2 April 2013

2nd April 2013

Brainteaser:  What do more than 4 in 10 women check out before they date a chap?

Tina foxed Neil, and Cornwall with this one...wrong answers included: the size of his....wallet, his motor, shoes, grey hair (?), their bottoms, and their Facebook profile!  The answer was: his taste in music!

And Chantelle Houghton's been unlucky in love, she's letting her friends choose her next fella...would you?

Listeners Carole, Debora and Gwen tell us about their dating stories!


Posted by Tina at 7:32am


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