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June 2013

Thursday 27th June 2013

27th June 2013

Why isn't Tina fluttering her eyelashes at Neil?

We find out which body part uses up 20% of your daily calories on the Brainteaser.


And more chances to win on the Secret Sound, the £1000 minute - this mornign Jason Hill from Falmouth blasted his way to the top of this week's leader board with a 7/10 - to be fair, the scores had been 2,3 &3.  

And tomorrow is the final day of our Riddle Game with Home Bargains - their new store opens on Saturday in Truro - get along and meet Tina, who'll be playing more riddle games to win.

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Posted by Tina at 11:30am

Tuesday 25th June

25th June 2013


Our Brainteaser this morning was:
After 25 years, we are fed up of what? Congratulations to Vegas from Camelford, correctly guessing, at the last minute - that it's kids living at home.  Vegas' 14 year old had better watch out!

Stuck on you?

Watch this hilarious video.

It was the inspiration for our geting stuck stories.  It seems loads of us have been stuck in loos;  stuck to loos (with superglue);  used superglue to stick a toupe to heads; stuck beads up noses, and in ears;  licked ice cubes and had tongues stuck to them; stuck to guttering (whilst riding a pony) and fell into a pile of know what!

Turns out that Holly Day in the Love Truck, got stuck in a car wash yesterday at Chiverton Cross.

Posted by Tina at 11:27am

Monday 24th June

24th June 2013


Neil Money Tree  

Part 1

 Part 2
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Posted by Tina at 2:34pm

Who wears it best?

14th June 2013

Who wears it best

Matt Bunt (standing tall and proud!) or James Dundon (looking dejected!)?

Posted by Tina at 9:34am

Monday 10th June

10th June 2013

James Dundon sits in for Neil and Tina at Breakfast for the next 2 weeks.
So how did Neil and Tina get on at the Royal Cornwall Show, doing stunts with the Kangaroo Kid.

Neil and Tina with the Kangaroo Kid RCS13



£1000 Minute Winner

And after waving the answers under your noses at the Royal Cornwall Show for the £1000 minute, did we get a winner?


Posted by Tina at 12:09pm

Friday 7th June 2013

7th June 2013

Neil and Tina re-sit their driving foul weather...but do they pass?

Have a listen

See you on Stand 640 with Dales Cornwall at the Royal Cornwall Showground later!

You can pick up loads of prizes and the answers to Monday's £1000 minute quiz!

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Posted by Tina at 5:34am

Royal Cornwall Show 6/8 June 2013

6th June 2013

R C S- F A C E B O O K- C O V E R



Royal Cornwall Show 2013 with Dales Cornwall

Come and see Pirate FM, with Dales Cornwall at this year's Royal Cornwall Show on Stand 640, for loads of chances to WIN BIG, and get to meet the people you hear on the Radio every day!


Win a Grand on the £1000 Minute

We’d like another big money winner from the show - so much that we’re waving the answers right under your nose!

Pick up your free Pirate FM flag from the Love Crew, and hold on to it as it could be worth a grand as it contains all 10 answers to Monday, 10th June's £1000 Minute!


Win Free Fuel with Dales

Along with your Pirate FM car stickers that can win you free fuel by listening at the weekends, we’ll be giving you a unique show code that can win you a £250 fuel card with Dales of Cornwall.

Simply go to and enter your code to see if you’ve won.

Like them on Facebook while you’re there for more chances to win!


Meet and Tweet 

Tweet us a photo of yourself with a Pirate FM presenter or Dreckly the Mascot at the show with the hashtag #MeetandTweet to win a great prize package!

Don’t have Twitter? Have an official photo and we’ll tweet it for you.

All photos taken and received will be placed in a gallery on the webpage, and if your face is circled as the winner, the goodies are yours!


Posted by Tina at 8:25am

5th June 2013

5th June 2013


More WHAT, are bought every day, than people born?

Wrong answers included fuel, T-bags, potatoes, TVs, bread, nappies, wipes, McDonalds, Cocal Cola, and mobile phones.  Tina was harsh as the correct answer was: i-phone but a late entry from Rik in Liskeard got him the CD!

Toys in the attic worth on average £600

After a Mirror article revealing that there's enough Scalextrix to lap the world 6 times, we asked what you had stashed in the attic.

Tina's Dad gave her a Sinclair C5 (some cruel people said this explains Tina's lack of parking skills!!), could anyone beat that?!  Gary from Penryn, has a tank - a water tank!  Dan has boxes of Dinky Toys in mint condition, Sarah has a model church she's built and some dolls houses and Sara had a double mattress that they couldn't get out through the loft hatch.  But best of all, John's daughter, on moving house to Callington, found an artifical leg in the loft!

And we are getting ready for the Royal Cornwall Show

Come and meet us on Stand 640 with Dales Cornwall. Neil and Tina will be there each day, giving out the answers to next Monday's £1000 minute.

You can win a £250 fuel card with Dales Cornwall by entering a unique code on their facebook page


WIN prizes by having a photo with Dreckly or a Pirate FM presenter send it to #meetandtweet.

Royal Cornwall Show 2013

Posted by Tina at 9:51am

Tuesday 4th June 2013

4th June 2013

Lucy Cruse and Andy Vickers from Perranporth


Three quarters of us do what in the shower?

Here's the answers you lovely listeners came up with!


Win a Wedding 2013

Congratulations Lucy Cruse and Andrew Vickers from Perranporth, pictured  with Baby Owen!

They win the wedding of their dreams.

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Posted by Tina at 1:13pm

Monday 3rd June 2013

3rd June 2013

The Secret Sound

After the Secret Sound was played on Friday at 0720, we had notification that the Pirate FM Management had suspended the Secret Sound pending an announcement this morning.

The Secret Sound announcement

Surely this must help someone identify the Secret Sound.

Neil and Tina's SignatureWe next play tomorrow at 07:20 am for £10K.

Posted by Tina at 10:04am


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