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July 2013

Tuesday 23 July 2013

24th July 2013

The Great Kate Wait is Over

We celebrate the birth of the Royal Prince with Royal Music Variety.  And a baby themed music festival occurs, with a baby themed Brainteaser; Royal Baby £1000 minute questions and Carol Brookread won herself the 'Meet the Parents' DVD by identifying celebrity parents of baby Moses Bruce.J D and  Tina with  Royal  Prince

Neil and Tina, and then JD and Tina had to cope with also being parents in the studio, with their own little Prince.  Thanks to the Health Promotion Service Information and Resource Centre for the loan of the training baby.  Getting the baby attended to during the show proved challenging, not knowing if he needed feeding, changing or burping.

And it seems that only 1 in ten of us would admit to a partner that we have an ugly baby...listen to what Peter's mum did to him!

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Monday 22 July 2013

22nd July 2013

Red Watch Fire brigade arrive at Pirate FM - thanks red watch

It's all going on - we receive a visit from Red Watch

Is the Great Kate Wait Over?

At 0738 Tina breaks the news that the Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to St Mary's hospital in the early stages of labour.

Mel Smith RIP

We pay our respects to Mel Smith RIP - a highlight.



We speak to Andy Dunlop from Travis who agrees to playing a gig in Cornwall for Pirate FM!


Phew... and breathe 1, 2, 3 - Push it!

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Thursday 18th July 2013

18th July 2013

Win your way to Air Day

Jen Adams won herself a family ticket to Air Day at Culdrose next week.  Your last chance to win is tomorrow on the Breakfast show.  Keep listening as you only have one song to get through on the lines to get into the draw to win.  See you at Air Day on Wednesday 24th July.

Why did Elaine want to sleep with Vin Diesel?Vin Diesel

This morning's Brainteaser was: What do 10% of homeowners do to feel safe?

Answers included installing alarms, having a dog and keeping an old bat under the bed - and we don't mean the wife!  But Elaine's answer tickled us.

 The answer was pots and pans!

Speedos or not to Speedos...and Holiday Complaints!

The debate rages on....

It also seems that holiday complaints are somewhat unusual!


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Wednesday 17 July

17th July 2013

Royal Baby

Clearly Prince William and Kate will look to our names as inspiration, so we are expecting (no pun intended) a Prince Neil and Princess Tina (NOT!), so we cover off the Royal Baby Names Top 5 lists, adding a few of our own and it seems some celebrities are choosing baby names when not even pregnant!



Tina's Tops TipsTina keeps her cool

And the weather is Scorchio - here's Tina's Top Tips (said very carefully!) for keeping your cool!

1.  Don't stick your head in the fridge

2.  Dont listen to anything Neil Caddy says!

3.  Listen to this audio.

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Monday 15th July - Stithians Show

15th July 2013

It's St Swithan's Day, so get set for another 40 days of the same weather!

And Neil offered Tina a new beauty treatment (clearly he thinks she has the looks for radio!).

Secret Sound

It's been going for over a year and has driven some people to distraction!  Listen to Hillary from Bude's poem


£1000 minute

Last week, Neil offered today's contestant the opportunity to hear all ten answers just before they play.  Here's how Zoe Harris got on.

Cornwall is reeling!

Stithian's Show

Play Pin it to Win It with Holly Day, and win £1000 just by entering a 4-digit number code into Pirate FM's super-computer.

See you at the Showground - stay tuned for all the latest travel news.

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Murray Monday - the Best of British 8 July 2013

8th July 2013

The Best of British

Following Andy Murray's phenomenal win at Wimbledon, we learn why lucky number 7 may have been a factor.  It seems that the date was 7/7, and it has been 77 years since the previous British champion, Fred Perry won the tournament, it was 1977 that Virginia Wade took the ladies singles title, Murray is 7 days older than Djokovic, and Murray broke his opponent's service game in the seventh game of every set!

In celebration, we played the Best Of British tracks through the Breakfast show.

Celebrities in CornwallNeil and  Michael  Eavis

And we learned that Keith from Trewithen Dairy met his all-time living idol, Dame Judi Dench in St Austell's Tesco, whilst Neil became all star-struck meeting Glastonbury founder, Michael Eavis.  This did result in a drunken text from Tina over the weekend (she blames Mr Pimms), declaring that she might actually love Neil - turns out he's not worthy!!

Listen to the backstage gossip here.


Pin it to Win it

Your chance to win £1000 as you play Pirate FM's supercomputer.  Today, you can meet James Dundon with the Love Crew at North Country garage at Redruth.

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Posted by Tina at 11:28am

US Independence Day - 4th July 2013

4th July 2013

Today's show took on a US theme to honour our American cousins.

The Brainteaser quiz was about US teenagers; the £1000 minute featured questions all about the USA and Tina tried out a few of her favourite US phrases...never did get around to asking Neil if he'd ever dated an American girl!

Blue Peter Badges

Did you ever earn one?  It seems that we're a talented bunch here in Cornwall.

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Wednesday 3rd July 2013

3rd July 2013

In the news today, the Daily Mail has a story about a lady who was refused service at the checkout till until she finished her mobile phone call.  As ever, there's 2 sides to every story!


Why does Neil make a marriage propsal to Tina?  Listen here...

Supporting Children's Hospice Southwest

The Moonlight Memory Walks were launched today.  Join hundreds of ladies as we take to the moonlit streets of Falmouth (21st September 2013) and Saltash (5th October 2013) for an extra special night out to celebrate our precious memories with every step.

Celebrity Interviews

Holly Day went to Eden Sessions last night - and got to meet the legendary Nile Rogers from Chic.  Check out the interview on the celebrity interviews page.

Love 'em or Hate 'em? 

We're talking they stop postal deliveries in Perranporth.


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