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November 2013

This Morning meets Neil and Tina at Breakfast

22nd November 2013

It's Friday - which means only one thing...#FightfortheFlashback

Neil has to cheat to win this week - which means we played our first Christmas song of 2013 - Mariah's All I want for Christmas is You - beat U2's The Sweetest Thing - Cornwall - how could you?


Neil doesn't even like Christmas songs, so though he didn't enjoy listening to it...he loved the win - his first (and ONLY - says Tina!!).

Want to look hot?

Taking selfies?  Then apparently a portraitist has worked out you need to 'Squinch'.

Neil and Tina tried it - here's the before and after - not sure Tina's mastered the technique! You decide.

Clearly the celebs have much better success than us!

Phillip Schofield

And we took a call from Phillip Schofield, in Newquay to unveil a plaque to to the Cosy Nook Theatre.

Phillip's not sure if he can squinch...we did ask!

But he did reveal which TV show he'd consider being a contestant on!

You can listen again here.

Have a great weekend y'all.


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Do not suffer in Silence

21st November 2013

#antibullying week Stay Strong UK Amy Jones

We spoke to the very brave, 16 year old Amy Jones from Falmouth.  As a result of bullying over a period of 18 months, Amy had to change school and repeat a year.  she tells the story so much better than we do.

Have a listen.

You can see Amy's video, and visit her website, or tweet her @Stay_StrongUK

Both Neil and Tina have been not suffer in silence.  Please talk to someone if you are affected. 

Fly you home for Christmas

Some great nominations coming in.  Today we heard Hannah Karn from Liskeard's story.  Tell us how we can reunite you with a loved one at Christmas.


Apparently, today is the UK National Twerking Championships in London...really?

And for marriage material, a survey reveals that women look for trust and 'you just know' but men look for sex appeal and someone to look after them!

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The Gremlins are loose

19th November 2013


A challenging morning - sorry about that!  We know you love the Bodyrockers!

'Selfie' is the new international word of 2013

Here's our efforts!

Selfie of Neil and TinaSelfie Tina plus Neil #photobomb











CompetitionsPhil Whitehead - £1000 minute winner, plus family

No Secret Sound or £1000 minute quiz this morning; we couldn't give you the clues you need, and that wouldn't have been fair.

Tina met our £1000 minute winner from last week, Phil Whitehead in St Dennis, who stopped by with the family to collect his cash!

Fly you home for Christmas

Nominations are flying in - this morning, Karen Pearn told us what it would mean to her to have her sister home at Christmas.


You can support the Shelterbox Appeal following Typhoon Haiyan.

We spoke to Jon Levine - a Shelterbox volunteer.

You can hear the interview here.

If you'd like to donate, here is the link.

And if you like to go along to TheboXFactor fundraiser, the full details are on our What's On Guide.  The Petebox will be headlining - see his Youtube video on our Video of the Day page.

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Neil and Tina chat to Wet Wet Wet

18th November 2013

Welcome to Monday

What a cracking start to the week...

The Secret Sound has gone up to £600 - did you hear the weekend clues?  Wrong guesses listed here.  And we had an 8/10 on the Thousand Pound Minute this morning - how would you have got on?

What makes you angry?

After a survey reveals the top 50 things that make us angry, we add a few more to the list.

Kelly gets ticked off by drivers who don't say thankyou, and tractors on the School Run.  Nicola gets cross when irresponsible dog owners give the rest of us a bad name, not picking up after their pet.  And Sarah in Looe was irate by householders putting our rubbish every Monday to have the seagulls scavange and leave rubbish strewn everywhere - luckily Gillian rang to tell us about seagull proof bin bags from your One Stop Shop in Looe!

And what was our 'Sweet Little Mystery'?

It may be wet outside...but we spoke to Wet Wet Wet inside and blagged a great prize for 1 1/2 listeners!  Yes, that is one and a half listeners!!!  Listen to our 2-part celebrity interview with Marti and Graham to find out what on earth we're on about!

Part 1

Part 2

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Wet Wet Wet Facebook Cover

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Thursday 14 November 2013

14th November 2013

It's a winning Thursday

Almost tripped up by the question of which nation won Eurovision, was Sweden the correct answer for Phil Whitehead in St Dennis?

Have a listen to this morning's Thousand Pound Minute Quiz

Congratulations, especially to granddaughters, Lowenna and Eleanor, who are now looking forward to a great Christmas!

Making men more desirableNeil Caddy is a Wide boy

And what's the one thing that makes men more attractive to women?  The clue is in the picture!

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Wednesday 13 November 2013

13th November 2013

Would you and your partner wear this?


Posted by Tina at 8:32am

Tuesday 12 Nov 13

12th November 2013

The Power of TwitterSarah and Luke

We spoke to Sarah Thomas from Bodmin, mum of Luke, who's recently used Twitter to raise funds for an all-terrain trike.


Still no winner on the Secret Sound!

Another 3 x wrong answers added to the list on Secret Sound.

Don't forget, we need a winner before Christmas

You can hear clues at the weekend.  Listen at roughly 11.20am and 3.20pm on Saturday and Sundays

All the wrong answers are listed here.

Neil's Mo

Neil's Momoustache- types











If you'd like to donate, Neil (and all mankind) will be very grateful.


You can win 5 x double pairs of tickets for the Plymouth Pavilions gig this Friday and meet Charlene Spiteri too!

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Tuesday 12 Nov 13

12th November 2013

Sometimes good things happen.

We hope to talk to Sarah today on the Breakfast show.


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Video of the Day - 11 Nov 13

11th November 2013

To celebrate Armistice Day.

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Friday 8th November 2013

8th November 2013

Fight for your Flashback

What a morning!  Tina won the Friday Fight for your Flashback, with an appeal for support to play Martika's Toy Soldiers for all those in the Armed Forces as its Remembrance weekend, vice Neil's choice of Geno from Dexy's Midnight Runners, which he made a last minute please in support of the Camborne bus driver, up for an award!

Do women love their partner's less than their pets?

A survey seems that women hold their pets dear in their hearts, turning to them for comfort if they get none from their partner, and 14% would consider getting a tattoo of their pet's name.

Liz's son installed a woodburner, for his wife's cat, and Claire would consider a tattoo of Henry (her dog) - next to the tattoo she alerady has of Neil Caddy on her cheeks!

But men are pet lovers too - with Sid in Launceston saying Mavis the dog comes first and Linda's hubby, Andy, would even cancel a holiday for labrador Molly!

Paul McCartney Winner

Lucky Listener, Paul Floyd from Callington won the ultimate prize of a trip for two people to see Paul McCartney Live in Tokyo!

You can see all the details here and listen to the moment Paul hears he's our winner.


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Paul McCartney Front Page Feature

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Video of the Day - 7 Nov 13

7th November 2013

Ever thought ten-pin bowling was tame?

Watch the first 30 seconds of this Dutchman aiming for the stars! 

Did you cover your head with your hands too?

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Million Dollar Memories

7th November 2013

Million Dollar Memories

We asked you to share your Million Dollar Memories.

Lots of your stories featured the birth of children, including Shelly's revelation of twins; the meeting of loved ones, first cars, football matches and events with family and friends.

But our story of the day was from Jackie.

Have the tissues handy.

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Video of the Day

6th November 2013

Wednesday 6th November

US Chat Show host - Jimmy Kimmel got parents in the USA to tell their kids that the parents had eaten ALL the Halloween Candy!  Here are their reactions!

Are our kids addicted to sugar?

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Tuesday 5 November 2013

5th November 2013

Bonfire Night - Guy Fawkes

We had a Guy Fawkes themed £1000 minute quiz, where Vicky Phillips from St Austell is kicking herself for forgetting that it was Katy Perry who sang the 2010 hit, Firework. Vicky still got 5 out of 10.

As it's Fireworks night - join Holly Day, Tina and the Love Crew at Falmouth where you can hear the fabulous Lottee Brown, a former guest on the breakfast show, perform live (weather permitting!).

Listen to Lottee's visit to the studio and perfomance on the Breakfast Show in early October. 

Find your local Fireworks event on our What's On guide.

More wrong Secret Sound guesses can be found here.

And after the weird places you've woken up we discussed yesterday, we discover that a group of teenagers, after a night out, took Serge, a llama, in Bordeaux, for an adventure on a tram!


Now that's got your attention, today we were joined in the studio by specialist nurse Josephine Brand, to discuss Breast Cancer awareness.

Boobs neil josephine studioListen to the full interview.

And reactions from listeners

Women AND MEN should do regular breast checks, and tips included:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Put one hand behind your head
  • Use the other hand to start at the armpit with circular motions around each breast until you get to the nipple. 
  • Firm pressure is required.
  • If invited for a mammogram or screening, go along, or re-arrange your appointment to a more convenient time.

If you find anything suspicious - DON'T ignore it, go to your GP, or talk to the Mermaid Centre.

For more information,


phone:  0845 092 0800


write: Central Office, Breast Cancer Care, 5-13 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0NS

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Monday 4th November 2013

4th November 2013

Secret Sound

We want a winner before Christmas. This morning's wrong guesses were added to the list, but did you hear the weekend clues?  Listen at 1120 and 3.20 on Saturday and Sundays - as you won't hear the clues at any other times.


How do couples relieve stress by 60%?  Now we all know what you're thinking...and to be fair, Neil had to drag his mind out of the gutter...but no-one won the CD by guessing the answer: holding hands!

Weird places to fall asleep?German-man-looking-for-somewhere-warm-to-sleep-who-ended-up-lying-on-a-horse-blanket-that-was-still-on-the-horse

We don't condone over-indulgence, but it does make for some good stories...

Poor old Gunther, pictured right, from an article in the Daily Mirror, fell asleep in a stable.

Listen to Shelly Fisher's story.

Other gems included Darren from Bugle found by his stepson amongst the bin bags, and Jane's hubby, Charlie from Foxhole, who's few pints ended up with himslef asleep in a lane, minus his glasses.

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