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Casualty stuck on Falmouth roof after 'fit'

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December 2013

Christmas Eve

24th December 2013

Only 1 Sleep to Santa's World Tour

We spoke to Security Guard Steve from Par, who will be watching out for Santa tonight at Newquay airport.

If you'd like to track Santa, check out the


The Secret Sound and £1000 minute quiz are back again on 2 January 2014.

Flying Home For ChristmasFly you home winners

And on week on...we catch up with Melodie and Tyler Hepworth, with Dad Cory Duggan who we flew home from New Zealand to be with his kids.

Listen here:


10 things you only ever say/hear at Christmas!

Ten questions you will ask yourself on Christmas Eve that you never ask yourself at any other time…

1. Oh God, will the frozen turkey thaw out in time…?

2. Is there anywhere left in the world that sells sellotape…?

3. Have I got enough food in…?

4. Have I got too many dates in…?

5. How do you wrap an ornament that doesn’t come in its own box…?

6. Where the hell did I put the nutcracker…?

7. What horribly early time will the kids wake me up tomorrow morning…?

8. How much room do I have on my credit card before it reaches its limit…?

9. What excuse can I come up with for not joining the family get-together tomorrow…?

10. It's 10am - where's my beer…?


Happy Christmas Everyone

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Lottee Brown performs live for Christmas

23rd December 2013

On the day before Christmas Eve, we welcomed back one of our favourite guests on 2013 - in the form of the fabulous Lottee Brown.

12 year old Lottee has become a regular visitor to Pirate FM, performing live on the Breakfast show in September, and also joining us and performing live at Falmouth Fireworks in November.

This truely inspiration singer has cerebral palsy, and is recovering from a significant bowel operation. Despite a speech problem, she could actually sing before she could talk.

Lottee came into the studios with her mother Victoria, to sing a Christmas Carol for Neil and Tina. You can watch it below.

She has also just been named an anti-bullying ambassador, and will be touring schools over the coming months. Plus, there's some other really exciting news about her coming up soon too. But we can't say anything yet!

You can find out more about Lottee on her Facebook page here.


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Pirate FM listener makes dreams come true for a Liskeard Family

23rd December 2013

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Cornwall, after an anonymous Pirate FM listener helped to make the wishes of a Liskeard family come true.
Hannah Karn from Liskeard, entered Pirate FM's recent "Flying Home for Christmas" promotion, where the radio station offered to fly someone back to Cornwall for the festivities. 
Three years ago, single mother Hannah was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since then her children Josh (15), and Sophie (12) have been her carers.
She asked for her father David Gowers to be flown back from Oregon, in America, but unfortunately had to retract her nomination after she found out her father wouldn't be able to make it due to his wife having an operation. Her father has not been back to the UK for an extended period for over 30 years.
"My world has completely changed." Hannah told Pirate FM. "I am a single mum with two wonderful kids, one of whom is also classed as disabled with type 1 diabetes.
"We don't go anywhere at Christmas due to my disability so it is always just the three of us. This can be a lonely time for me as I feel it should be about family. It would be the most amazing present for all of us to have my dad and his wife here with us for Christmas."
Hannah continued: "It's usually just me and my children at home. My children have been lumped into being my carers, and to have my Dad back for Christmas would take the pressure off them, and give the their Christmas back"
Neil and Tina at Breakfast chatted to Hannah live on the radio earlier in December, where she told her story.  One particular Pirate FM listener was so moved by the story, that they contacted the station immediately, offering to anonymously stump up the cash for the family to be reunited in 2014.
Pirate FM Breakfast Show presenter Tina said: "Once again, this proves why we are proud to call Cornwall home. The people of the Duchy always pull together to help each other out, and this is a prime example.
"We must say thank you so much to our donor, who wanted to remain anonymous. Their selfless act of generosity has really helped touch a local family's lives, and for that we are eternally grateful."
Listen to the moment Neil and Tina revealed the news to Hannah on the radio:

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Resident Rock Choir

20th December 2013

Rock Choir with Neil and TinaFight for the Flashback!

Every Friday Neil and Tina choose a song they'd like to hear.  Neil's only ever won twice - first with Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas in November - Tina still says that was cheating - and last week with Rick Astley - Together Forever - CHEESE!

This week - winning with 52% of the vote....Dario G's Sunchyme beats Talk Talk's Life's what you make it! Tina rocks out with steel drums!!  (OK pencils on the desk!)

Resident Rock Choir gets us in the festive spirit

Thank you to the amazing 'Rockers',  Jo Saville with Lisa, Jacqui Sarah and Leigh who sang Christmas songs, Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer and the Pirate FM Friday Song on the show.  If you'd like to get involved as therer are Rock Choirs across the Duchy, open to all, young and old, no auditions, visit Cornwall Rock Choir on Facebook

They'll be singing at The Eden Project in the Mediterranean Biome tomorrow (Sat 21 Dec) at 1pm.

Neil and  Tina cakesAnd thank you to lovely listeners for cards and pressies, including 'Manflu' tonic for Neil, jewellery for Tina and personalised cakes - who'll be eating Neil Caddy's face?

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Tina schmoozes with the stars!

12th December 2013

Tina's not here today… that's because she was at a star-studded award ceremony last night...

Tina's Husband, JB, collected an award at the Military Awards in London - on Behalf of British Troops in Afghanistan. Read the full story here.

Amongst the people attending, there was the Prime Minister, and the Duke of Cornwall - But Tina and JB made a bee-line for Deborah Meaden, and her Strictly Dance Partner Robin Windsor...

Military Awards

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A young listener from Bude gets a call he'll never forget!

12th December 2013

It was reported by the Pirate FM Newscentre, that 7-year-old Ben Cawston from Bude was left upset, after he was told he wasn't allowed to see Santa Claus, because he forgot his £1! You can read the full story here!

Well, on last night's Hometime Show, James Dundon pulled a few strings, and managed to get Ben on the radio… with a call from a VERY special guest!

Have a listen:




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Who's Neil's former running competitor?

2nd December 2013

Neil Caddy and Ronan Keating do a runner!Boyzone - Photo Credit - Steve Baccon

It seems that Neil may have competed against....none other than Boyzone's Ronan Keating in Co Sligo, when they were just young boys!!

And yes...Tina did ask them whether they might change their name now they are all grown up!

Have a listen to the lads as they embark on their stadium tour.

Lynn King from Harrowbarrow won himself a BZ20 album - more chances this week but you need to listen from 6am! #morninghardone

Secret Sound

We need a winner by Christmas...did you hear the weekend clues?  Listen every Saturday and Sunday at about 1120 and 1520 to hear them - set your alarm now!

It's currently worth £800 and the wrong guesses are all listed here.

Brotox anyone? Neil - Brotox

Brotox tweet

Do you think Neil Caddy might need a bit of filler?  Its seems that this is the new trend for fellas. Liz has actually met a Botox Lady - she lets beautician students learn on her!

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