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January 2014

Neil and Tina try Zumba Dancing and Spinning

17th January 2014

After failing his 2013 resolution to get fit, and lose some weight, Neil was challenged by listener Helen to try out Zumba and Spinning, at Carn Brea Leisure Centre in Pool.

Tina came along for moral support (and a bit of a laugh at Neil's expense!)

How do you think he got on then?

Thank you so much to the lovely team at Carn Brea Leisure Centre for looking after Neil and Tina so well... and for not laughing at Neil (too much!).

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Louise Brill from Porth is our latest Secret Sound Winner

9th January 2014

Louise Brill - Secret Sound Winner 2014

Louise Brill from Porth became our latest big money winner, claiming £200 on Cornwall's Secret Sound!

She correctly guessed that our even easier Secret Sound, was the noise of someone feeding the dental floss out of a container.

Well done Louise. Here she is pictured collecting the cash from Pirate FM's studios in Cornwall, with Neil and Tina.

You could be our next winner! Check out the wrong answers to our latest Secret Sound here now!

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Mens Health Issues should be talked about

7th January 2014

Selfie of Neil with a MoGot a lump? Get it checked guys.

Remember Movember?

This was Neil's selfie.  Not that great a Mo but, this morning he revealed why getting a check of his 'undercarriage' was vital for him personally.

Uro -Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Debbie Victor joined us in the studio to talk Mens Health issues and you can listen again.

For more information, visit

And Neil's not alone.

Brave Darren from Bugle told us his story too.

If you are worried at all, please contact your G.P. or if you'd like more information on testicular cancer, visit or call the Orchid Team on 0203 4655766 or email

Brand New Secret Sound

You heard the new Secret Sound this morning.  Listen all day - your first chance to play is at 7.20 tomorrow morning.  Check the full Ts & Cs online here

Neil and Tina's Signature

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Blue Monday? Winning Monday!

6th January 2014

Blue Monday?

Monday 6th January is typically a Blue Monday as we worry over debt, divorce and going back to school or work after the holidays.

What will 2014 hold in store?

Neil and Tina make up their 2014 Predictions for eachother.

Tina's predictions for Neil Neil's predictions for Tina

Neil's late for work - oversleeps

Tina cuts hair short and goes grey

Neil gets sunburned - and is late for work

Tina flys a plane again

Neil becomes spiritually enlightened (& is late for work)

Tina learns to surf





In light of Neil's predictions, Tina added another that Neil will suffer a serious injury!!

Winning Monday!

However, for Louise Brill from Porth, it's a winning Monday.

She correctly guessed the Secret Sound as 'pulling dental floss out of its container' winning £200.


Of course, you can win a Thousand Pounds every single weekday.  Today's questions were pantomime themed..will there be a theme tomorrow?

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Stormy start to 2014

3rd January 2014

Stormy Start to 2014

Live updates from Looe from James Dundon on the Neil and Tina at Breakfast show today as the Duchy is blasted by strong winds and high Spring Tides.  And News journalist, Emma Carton, appears on Sky TV as she reports live from Penzance and Perranporth.


For the latest weather watch information, click here.

Follow @piratefm for the latest up to date information on Twitter.

Stay Safe.

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Welcome to 2014

2nd January 2014

Happy New Year!

Neil and Tina are back - along with the Secret Sound - now worth £200 and even easier and your daily weekday chance to win on the Thousand Pound Minute Quiz!

But first up, #morninghardone

No winner as no-one knew the body shape of 6/10 women - the answers were funny however, and Neil learned more about women in 15 mins than he ever knew before!

Have a listen!

  Neil Caddy's 2013 resolution - weigh in

Is it even worth making 2014 New Year's resolutions? 

Neil started the show believing he'd been 50% successful on Getting Fit (fail) and Losing Weight (success - he thought!) until the BIG WEIGH IN.

Tina has a family tradition of using a letter from the alphabet to help choose the New Year resolution. 2013 was 'N' and 'Never Say Never' which led her to Quad Bike tricks with the Kangaroo Kid at the 2013 Royal Cornwall Show, Monster Truck Driving with the Marie Curie Ladies Driving Challenge at RAF Porthtreath, dressing up as Princess Leia and Wonder Woman for the Totally 80s party. SUCCESS

This year the letter is 'O' and she's chosen to enjoy the Outdoors!  Hubbie JB has other ideas!

Have a listen!

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Posted by Tina at 12:02pm


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