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March 2014

Lydia - Great White Shark

11th March 2014

Where is Lydia?

Lydia - great white shark trackScientists have been tracking Lydia, a Great White Shark and she is currently closer to Cornwall than the United States.  The current therory is she may be pregnant and looking for a nursing station.

Why are we all so scared?

On this morning's show, Neil and tina reveleaed their fears, sparked from the Jaws film they saw as kids.  

Heather from Berealston revealed that she had once been bitten by a shark - but it had been her fault for leaving her foot dangling in the water of feeding nurse sharks - only a bruised foot to complain about!

And Dr David Gibson, the Managing Director of the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, explained about pregnant sharks and invited Neil to face his fears by getting up close and personal with sharks.


What an invitation - surely one we cannot refuse!

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Myles Evans Live in the studio

10th March 2014

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Friday Fancy Dress

7th March 2014

Guess who? Totally 80s 2014

Neil and Tina get all dressed up thanks to Limelite Costume Hire in Truro.

Last chance to buy your tickets online this weekend, so that wristbands can be sent out - and thereafter - it will tickets available on the door only.

You can stay overnight in Penzance at The Queen's hotel for £25 per person for a double/twin room inclusive of Bed and Breakfast.

And The Meadery is offering an 80s inspired menu beforehand.

Join the Pirate FM presenters for fun and games.

Cornwall's Myles Events is ready for Battle

We catch up with Saltash's Myles Evans, ahead of his Battles weekend on The Voice at 7pm BBC1.

myles-evansFind out if he likes his song choice....

Good Luck Myles!  We'll all be shouting for you.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Apprenticeship Week 2014

6th March 2014

If Neil and Tina weren't radio presenters, they'd be .... 

Apprentice Week 2014

Tina thought she'd try her hand at Engineering and thanks to Cornwall College, visited Arcol, where apprentices Tristan and Rob showed her how to use a lathe for the resister components they make.


Neil, jokingly said he'd like to be a hairdresser, so we went to Inkfish in Truro where apprentices Kate, Jade and Michael took us through the science of hair colouring and Neil got his hands wet, learning how to shampoo!  

Neil hairwashingNeil and Tina's Signature TRANSPARENT

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Happy St Piran's Day 2014

5th March 2014

Happy St Piran's Day

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Pancake Day 2014

4th March 2014

Who's the Biggest tosser?

Neil's claiming to be the 'Biggest Tosser' - anyone disagree?

What topping or filler would you go for?

Enjoy Pancake Day.

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