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April 2014

Embarrassing clothes

24th April 2014

Embarrassing Clothes Mum Choose

Neil - hideous clothes Tina embarrassing clothes


Neil spent time at his parents and his Mum found his old clothes!

Take a look at embarrassing pictures of Neil and Tina.

And they were'nt alone in their pain - have a listen!


Men and Flashy Cars

What's the truth?

Find out here...

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Happy St George's Day

23rd April 2014

Tina  DragonHappy St George's Day

Neil and Tina are not really that bothered about St George's Day, as Neil is fiercely Cornish and proud and Tina's just such a mixed bag that unless it's a Bank Holiday, who really cares?!

However, the English (British and Cornish!) do like to complain about the weather, and other fact complaining is a national sport.

Listen to an occasion, when complaining backfired, and almost had the Stag Party thrown out of the hotel in Tenerife!


Advice for chaps

Neil likes to think of himself as a public service, and giving advice on what might just improve mens' chances with's his classic advice (no-brainers really!)


Is Zoe good at General Knowledge?

Zoe Barber played the Thousand Pound Minute quiz, correctly answering 10 questions in sixty seconds and takes away a cool Grand to put towards her wedding.


Many congratulations!

Zoe decided not to risk 'Double or Quits' where if she'd answered one more question correctly, she could have won £2,000.  Of course, if she got that 11th question wrong, she'd have lost everything!

How would you have got on with Zoe's questions?


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Post Easter Blues

22nd April 2014


So although it's been a Bank Holiday - lucky listener, Karen Robins got to the phone in the nick of time to win herself £500.


More chances still to come on the Big Cash Weekends and YOU can be a part of it.I love Tina sand

Romantic Easter?

Did you get romantic on your 4 day weekend?  

Tina's hubby benefitted from another romantic soul....


Five things women need permission for...

Neil in a dressing gown

If you missed them, Neil laid out things that women should ask permission for before doing from their other halfs...


Tina wasn't impressed.

And has Britain's Got Talent lost its way?

Hear Neil's view...


St George's Day tomorrow!  So more fun and games along the way!

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Happy Easter

17th April 2014

Happy Easter

So it's almost the big Easter getaway weekend and Neil and Tina #fightfortheflashback.

It's our fight, but you, the listeners settle it.  Neil asked you to vote for Tanita Tikarum and Good Tradition.  Tina's choice was The Steve Miller Band with Abracadabra.

Winning with 91% of the vote was Tina (Neil got a spanking!) which slightly evens up the annual running total to make it Neil = 8 and Tina = 6

Online Dating Advice

It seems that doing some simple things, can improve your chances when online dating!

Do's for Girls Onling Dating Profiles Do's for Guys Online Dating Profiles
Pose with a Dog Pose with a dog
Natural Makeup Have a photo outside (with a dog)
Have an indoor photo Use words such as 'spontaneous' and 'ambitious'
List hobbies as running and yoga List hobbies as running and yoga
Be open to new ideas and new places

Be open to new ideas and new places


Happy Easter!

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Easter holidays are almost here

15th April 2014

Relationship guidance from Neil (and Tina)

It seems that Neil and Tina should never speak to eachother on a Monday and Friday - listen to find out why?


You might want to find out if they've eaten Breakfast before tuning in tomorrow...

Stockings could spice up your love life - but its not what you think!


Texter Paul reckons he might try them to see what reaction he gets from his other half!

And Ricky Gervais was an 80s popstar! Yes really!

Neil breaks this revelation to Tina.... a man who's doing an amazing thing for charity...

After all those amazing London Marathon runners, Neil and Tina catch up with a Camborne local, who's doing an amazing event for an amazing charity.

Jon Dennis from Sugar Coating tells Neil and Tina about how he is cycling nearly 300 miles from London to Paris in aid of Dementia UK.


If you'd like to sponsor Jon, click through to his online charity site:

Good Luck Jon.

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Cornwall's Miss London candidate

10th April 2014

Amy WrayLocal Girl takes on Miss London

Neil and Tina catch up with Cornish girl, Amy Wray on her career since being in the Pirate FM girlband, Eden.

From modelling for Amy Child's clotheswear range, to working with Peter Andre, Amy's decided to enter the Miss London Beauty Pageant, following in the footsteps of Amy Willerton!

Listen to the full interview again here:

You can support Amy's fundraising efforts for Beauty with a Purpose and her Fashion Show at Hotel Victoria, Newquay on Saturday on 19th April 2014.

Tina's eventful evening

When should a parent let their child call the shots?  Tina's little boy's been nagging her for a haircut...and the deed took place last night!

woody haircut montage

Costly mistakes

Tina's had a bit of a an expensive time recently!  Here's the story:

"Last week was manically busy.  It was the end of term so kids had lots of appointments like music exams, swimming lessons, vet appointment and the like

One of the things I needed to do was get my car serviced, so in what I thought was a masterstroke of planning, I organised to drop my car at the garage late afternoon and pick up a courtesy car, then go on to the dentist with the kids so the garage could service my car the next day and I could collect it after work on my way to Local Heroes.

Now here’s my first gripe…why is it that people leave a courtesy car, with only fumes in the tank?

The red light was flashing, but I needed to get kids to the dentist, so drove carefully there -  we had our teeth checked – passed with flying colours – cos the dentist is always like an exam isn’t it?! - and afterwards – with even less fuel, I drove to the nearest garage.

So I stopped at the garage…. the courtesy was a newer model of EXACTLY the same car that I drive, so I knew which side to fill up the fuel, I put the nozzle back into the machine having put a reasonable amount of fuel in the tank knowing what journeys I had to do…I was thinking about all the things I still had to do - get kids home for tea, prepare for the next days show, and get my daughter to Surf Life Club -so I was a bit distracted…

and as I placed the nozzle back, I realised it was green – and it should have been black! 


My heart sank – so I went into the garage and explained my mistake – obviously had to pay for the wrong fuel – It was quarter past 5but I rang the Dealer who’s courtesy car I had – who said, I’d have to recover the car to them but they didn’t have another courtesy car, and my own car was now locked in the workshop with oil draining out of it. 

Anyway – a lovely man from Wrong Fuel Ltd rescued me from Plymouth and thanks to the very nice staff at Westways garage who didn’t laugh at me too much and also the mid-cornwall landscaping boys who pushed the car away from the petrol pumps!

Kids and I had a picnic tea on the garage forecourt – and I got Maya to nippers, and felt marginally better when one of the Dad’s said his wife had done the same the week before!"

Could  anyone top that?  Well have a listen - Debbie's a definite candidate!!

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Brannel students meet Westlife’s Kian Egan - Oh, and Neil and Tina!

8th April 2014

A group of year 11 students from Brannel School had an amazing end to their term last Friday (4th April) when they met Neil & Tina. Oh, and there was also some bloke called "Kian Egan" there too...

After winning a competition run by Cornwall College for the class group to meet a ‘special guest,’ the students were amazed to receive an exclusive acoustic performance of the Irish singer’s new single ‘Home,’ as well as a group picture and signed certificate from the heartthrob himself.

Brannel School - Eden Project with Kian Egan

Emily Libby, 15, added: “I was so excited to come to the performance as I really like Kian and couldn’t wait to meet him.”

The school won the Cornwall College competition after whistling to the song Some Nights by Fun - with pitch pipes, in their year 11 assembly that was then recorded and put onto Facebook alongside other schools’ performances and the one with the most likes won and got to go to the Eden Project.    

Andy Edmonds, Headteacher at Brannel School, said: “I really enjoyed the evening and know that the children certainly had a good time. It was a great way to end the term for a year group that has worked so hard.”

Charlotte Gifford, 15, said: “It was such a fab way to end my term at school. I was so excited and shaking when I met him. We all decided to vote for our school to win because we wanted to end the term on a high.”

Thirteen different schools entered the competition from across the county and Brannel received 128 likes for their winning performance. A close second was Richard Lander School with 93 votes and Poltair School with 81.

Tessa Claridge, Head of Cornwall College St Austell, added: “I’m pleased that Brannel students had such a great experience at the private gig last week. We wanted to try something different this year with our year 11 assemblies to engage our audience and we are pleased that it was received so well.”

Brannel School - Eden Project with Kian Egan

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Neil and Tina catch up with The Saturdays

8th April 2014

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays Big Announcement

Neil and Tina catch up with Una and Rochelle from The Saturdays.

They'll be coming to Plymouth Pavilions in September as part of their tour.

Listen again



Sudden Death of Peaches Geldof

The big showbiz story of the morning has been the sudden and unexplained death of Peaches Geldof.  

The death of Paula Yates, from a drugs overdose, when Peaches Geldof was eleven years old.

Neil and Tina chat to Jaki Bedingham from AAAIB, who provide a drugs and alcohol counselling service, regarding how family members cope with such tragedy in their lives.


If you are affected by this story, please ask for help.

You can contact AAAIB via this link, or call the Samaritans who are available 365 days a year, 24/7 on 01872 277277 or their national helpline on 08457 909090.

Women's shopping habits

It seems women try on at least 4 times as many clothes as men when shopping.

Find Tina's view on shopping for jeans...and how did they get talking about Kim Kardashian?


Go Kart Challenge

Who is the big kid?

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Pasty in a Can, and Speed limits for squirrels - Were you fooled?

1st April 2014

Pasty in a can, and speed limits to help furry creature fornicate. If you were listening to Pirate FM this morning, chances are you were thinking the world was going mad...

But as many of you noticed, it was indeed part of our plans to fool you, as of course it's April Fools Day!

First of all, Neil and Tina were talking about the new speed limits that have been introduced for walkers and joggers in woods and rural areas across Cornwall - to help the local squirrel population to breed.

Listeners were told that they would end up with a £20 on-the-spot fine if they were caught breaking the 5mph limit from today. This prompted much debate and reaction from listeners, including reports that there was a gentleman at Tehidy woods who was warning dog walkers as they arrived for their morning walk.

Pasty in a Can April Fools FB Post

Meanwhile, we also started a new advertising campaign on the radio, advertising a brand new product to come from Bodmin Foods - the Pasty in a Can!

As well as the great advert on the radio, we also released a photograph of a billboard in London, advertising the new delicacy on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Neil and James Dundon with the Pasty in a Can...There was a few that fell for it, including @Littlewhitealic who tweeted: "No I can't believe they have put the pasty in a can!! Shocking."

Also, @Click_Write Tweeted: "a crime!", whilst Lewis Hawkins on Facebook said: "What on earth!!!", and the great sports at Warrens Bakery admitted: "Oh no, you're revealed our new secret product in development! We have a spy in the ranks!!"

Also on Facebook, Chris Rogers said "Will never beat our fresh ansum pasty"

Of course, not everyone was fooled. Including Kerry Webber who posted: "I was trying to think if this was nice or not then thought, oh u silly cow it's a Aprils fool", and Lianne-Carla Savage how delared "April fool but the though of it did make me heave a little!".

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Teenstar Wildcards

1st April 2014

Talented Cornwall - Teenstars

Last week we introduced you to St Ives' Molly Hocking and Newquay's Emma Chamberlain who were selected to go to the Teenstar regional finals last weekend.


Well done to Molly - but Emma needs your votes to gain a wildcard entry!

If you'd like to get Emma to join Molly in the Area finals, then you'll need to vote by text.


The text will call you £1.

You'll need to text 84222 with 'wildcard440'

Good luck ladies.


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