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May 2014

Cornwall head to Twickenham

29th May 2014

Come on Cornwall Rugby Poster

It’s one of the biggest games in Cornwall’s rugby calendar. Lancashire in the County Championships – at Twickenham.

The Black and Golds are hoping for revenge against the team that beat them in last year’s final.

Cornwall haven’t won the County Championships (known as the Bill Beaumont Cup) since 1999. 

This year, they beat Hertfordshire away in the semis and their travelling fans outnumbered the home supporters by around 5 to 1!

Em’s been to training – with the guys who play with odd shaped balls



Show your support for our boys!

Download one of our special posters, and either print it out, or post it to your Facebook or Twitter profile!

Come on Cornwall Rugby Poster Cornwall Rugby Poster



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Neil and Tina have been learning all about autism

19th May 2014


Today, we had Cornish mum, Silvia Salib on the show to talk about her son being diagnosed with autism, and just how it has affected her family.  It was ahead of Scott Temple's morning show being broadcast live from the SPECTRUM Pearl Centre in Truro.  

You can listen again to the full interview with Tina and Silvia here.

Tina also chatted to Robin Gunsom, from SPECTRUM


Spectrum is a charity that supports all aspects of those touched by autism.

To find out more, pop along to the Pearl Centre in Truro, or contact them via their website.

Ashley RobertsFormer Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts is on Neil's 'list'

Yeah - not a great way to start chatting to a celebrity - but Neil did tell former Pussycat Doll, and Dancing on Ice Judge, Ashley Roberts, that she was on his 'list'...stunned is all we can say.

Have a listen to find out what she's been up to lately, and her views on life in the limelight.


Big Cash Weekends

And the penultimate winner of £500 this morning was Ann Clarke from St Austell.  She was caller no.2 and answered the phone by saying "Michael Jackson".

Ann explained how she'd delayed going into the shops on Saturday, just to hear the Big Cash Artist, and then she set her alarm for 7.30am to make sure she was awake...just in case!

With a big birthday coming up for her husband next month, Ann's gonna treat them both with her win!

You could be our final Big Cash Weekend winner on Tuesday 27th May ('cos it's a Bank Holiday next week!).  Find out how, here.


Neil and Tina's Signature

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Big Audiences

16th May 2014

Thank you Cornwall

An independent survey* reveals another 25,000 extra listeners are tuning in over the past year - and we are very grateful.

We got talking about when you've been in front of a big Audience and listener Emma Russell from Par revealed her very exciting former front of big audiences!

Have a listen...


Win a Grand

Everyday you can win a Thousand pounds - yes every single working weekday!

Contestant Simon Carthew from Truro scored 7/10, the highest score of the week so far.  How would you have done?


You can test yourself every day with the questions.

Maybe you'll even be able to double the money by playing 'Double or Quits'.  If you get 10 out of 10, you'll be given the option to answer one more question and if you get that right, you win double the cash, of course if you get it wrong, you get nothing.

Have a great weekend

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* (Sources: RAJAR, Pirate FM TSA, 3 months ended March 2013;RAJAR, Pirate FM TSA, 3 months ended March 2014. adults 15+) 

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Monday 12th May

12th May 2014

Big Cash Winner 

Every weekend we've been asking you to listen to the radio, and register online with the name of the artist that we played after 9am miday, and 3pm every Saturday and Sunday. Then, all you need to do if you phone rings after 7:30am, is to answer the phone with the name of the artist, which this weekend was Queen. 

James Dundon made the call, our first caller did not answer after five rings. So, lucky caller number two was Glenys Bennett, from Devoran who takes away £500 in cash!

There are two more chances to win. To find out more, click here

Practise nurse Glenys is a long time listener of Pirate Fm, but this is the first time she's entered and won anything. Delighted, she plans a short break in the summer, which she thought she couldn't afford. What a way to start the week! 

You can hear the moment she won here.


Fying Home For Christmas update 

You might recall, we spoke to lots of lovely nominations for people who wanted their loved ones to spend Christmas back in Cornwall. 

Gary Niner received 44 nominations and here's what he said at Christmas.


Sadly he didn't win...but Gary is a dynamo.  Here's what he's doing now.

' Just to let you know I'm climbing the highest mountain In Malaysia in Saba next week. I have paid for it all my self just looking for people to make a small donation of money clothes wit ever they have for the kids of Cambodia. So just wondered if there was anything you could do to make awareness. The link is below.' 

Gary Niner 

Donate Now


Gary niner montage


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Dancing in the Streets for Helston Flora Day 2014

7th May 2014

The streets of Helston are coming alive, for Flora Day 2014!

Our very own Holly Day is all morning, bringing us the sites and sounds of this amazing Cornish event, which sees the whole town gather together...

..and if that wasn't enough, you can also get closer to the action thanks to brand new webcams, which for the first ever time will broadcast the dance across the globe!

Click here to watch the stream!

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Poverty in Cornwall

7th May 2014

Poverty in Cornwallfoodbank3

In the news today we were hearing that Cornwall is the UK 'Capital' of food poverty linked to average wages in a European study.

It got us talking about the very real issues of poverty after Neil related his story of seeing a well-dressed man searching the bins in the park yesterday.

If you'd like to listen to the statistics again, please click the link


Beverley had a great suggestion for holiday homes.


If you'd like a list of where to find your local foodbank and how to obtain a foodbank voucher, you can download the document here.

Foodbanks (pdf)


Are you still a big kid?

Neil admits he plays 'tag' at home with his girlfriend and runs away which really annoys her!  Tina licks the cake mixture spoon  when baking and rolls down grassy hills!

Caller, Sarah from St Austell gets up to no good with her (older sister)! Have a listen!


Confessions of a Teacher

Not sure if we should be worried - or just amused that we all have bad days at work...

Neil and Tina's Signature

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It's (another) 4 day week

6th May 2014

Another Big Cash Weekend Winner

So it was Gemma Vercesi from Heamoor that answered her phone in the nick of time with the words "Take That" to win herself £500.

There are only 3 more weeks to win the money.  Find out how you can win here

Cornish Soldiers Training in CyprusService for soldiers in the field

Neil and Tina catch up with Lieutenant Colonel Neville Holmes and Colour Sarjeant Jamie Adams from Polruan as they complete their training exercise in Cyprus.

You can listen again below.

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