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July 2014

Madison's Psychic Cat?

10th July 2014

Psychic Cornish Animals

Nine year old Madison's been listening to Pirate FM and thought she'd see how psychic Barney her pet cat is.

This is how she's been making flags and Barney's been making predictions. Have a listen


Mystic catMystic catMystic cat


If you'd like to see how our Psychic Animals from Cornwall's Crealy have been getting on you can see all the videos, latest prediction and tally here.

Here's the prediction of Cryptic Croc for the biggest match of the Year


Birds and the Bees

When is the right time to talk to the kids about the birds and the bees?  Tina's had stage 1 of that conversation with her daughter who's 9.


It caused some controversy!

We did promise to be honest about our lives and share ourselves with you on the lifestyle breakfast show. Love Tour

Have a great weekend.  Stithians Show on Monday and then the Love Tour begins on Tuesday in Falmouth Events Square from 6am!


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We took the Breakfast Show to Pool Academy

8th July 2014

Outside Broadcast at Pool Academy

So a surreal experience this morning, taking the Breakfast Show to Pool Academy School, 

Outside Broadcast at Pool Academy

at which we broadcast to an empty school hall for 2 hours and then madness ensued as the 800 students arrived for an 'assembly' to watch us, plus they listen to the first play of the Pool Academy students and pupils from Pencoys Primary radio advert, self written, recorded and produced by the students.

The day did get busy however, and it was a privelege to meet so many talented students and staff.

For instance, here's the audio from talented musicians LucyAnna and Teaching Assistant Jack Wallen.

Listen to LucyAnna above and find out more on Facebook.

To hear more Jack Wallen, listen above or check out his front-garden sessions on Youtube.

When the school turned up, clearly it was a controlled chaotic way and what well-behaved kids!

Pool Academy and Pencoys Primary

The students, came to Pirate FM to record their radio advert and caught up with Tina....


And here's what happened after they'd heard their radio advert for the first time...

Well Done creative media stars of the future!

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