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October 2014

Making Dreams Come True

24th October 2014

Making Dreams Come True Sam Smith

Listener Karen Christie has been in touch with the show recently Firstly, she had a false widow spider bite that hospitalised her for 3 days.

Then we met her grand-daughter Ellie on a school dinners visit.

Most recently, Karen emailed us when we interviewed Sam Smith, as she's a massive fan...and she wanted to buy another ticket to his sold out gig for her newly discovered grand daughter...

... it's a long story but very heart-warming.

Have a listen to the audio and watch the video below:


It's days like these when it's a real privilege to do our job...

Neil and Tina with Karen ChristieNeil and Tina's Signature

Posted by Tina at 10:24am

Foodbank Challenge

21st October 2014

Foodbank Challenge

Last week - Neil and Tina set themselves a challenge to find out more about foodbanks and how we can all help.  Today, a listener tells Neil and Tina just what it's like to have to use a food bank. They played an excerpt of the interview on air, but the full interview is available for you to listen to here.


We've done our shopping and it cost about £30 for a family box of food.  Now the challenge is for Neil and Tina plus her kids to experience what it's like to survive on foodbox rations.

Tina's main worries are no bread, eggs or fresh veg or fruit - plus UHT milk.  But this is what it's like.


If you want to donate then click the links and the foodbanks always need packets of mashed potato, tins of meat, tins of veg, tins of soup, tins of fruit, plus long-life juices.

If you are affected at all and need more information, read our previous blog post here.

Thank you for all your messages - good and bad - we appreciate them all - and hope that we've informed you a little along the way.

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Posted by Tina at 12:20pm

Breast Cancer Awareness

20th October 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the month we are encouraged to be more aware of Breast Cancer.

The truth of the matter is that we should be breast cancer aware every day, every week and every month.  A listener chastised Neil and Tina for leaving it so long into Octobe to talk about Breast Cancer, which is fair enough, but since we last brought up the topic of boobs, how many times have Neil and Tina done Breast Checks in the past 11 months? Listen to find out as they chat to Nurse Sarah Zee, from the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust at Treliske.


And a listener called in to say she might have missed her mammogram and how did she arrange another appointment.  To rebook a mammogram, phone 01872 252880 and speak to the Mermaid Centre.

Of course, some people are at high risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancers, through their family history. Yvonne Howells elected for surgery 4 years ago, and explained why to Neil and Tina.


There is a lot of help our there for those diagnosed, or worried about Breast Cancer.  Here are just a few links:

Specifically for men:

And for those, who have a strong possibility of inheriting cancer through genetics, the links you need are:

Yvonne Howells is involved inthe National Heritary Breast Cancer Helpline whose contact links are:

Tel: 01629 813000



or you can speak to Yvonne herself on 01726 851904 or 07814 740147 (not 24/7).

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Posted by Tina at 10:35am


15th October 2014


In the news today - the statistics are that 28% of kids in Cornwall go to school stressed or hungry, and hear phrases at home such 'We dont have enough money for the week' which will affect kids for life, according to charities striving to end child poverty.

Neil admits - he doesn't know much about it...

So we set ourselves a challenge to find out more, and see what it's like to survive on the contents of a foodbox for a week. Not everyone is sympathetic...and there are several viewpoints, including Lisa who decides to join in... have a listen

If you need to know more, find out the locations of foodbanks across Cornwall.

If you'd like to know what to buy to support a foodbank, then here's the sort of items on their shopping lists.

foodbank-shopping-list (pdf)


Finally, if you'd like to join Neil and Tina and listener Lisa, on their foodbank challenge, then get in touch via email to

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Posted by Tina at 9:54am

Driving Tests, new jobs and Scouting - plus cake

14th October 2014

Dyb dyb dyb, Dob dob dobTina as a Girl Guide

Neil confesses that he only managed 2 weeks of cubs, because it clashed with 'Knightrider' on the telly!  The adventure of Scouting is gaining popularity, but more volunteers are needed..Tina finds out more.


If you'd like to volunteer, even as little as a couple of hours a month, or to find out more about Scouting local to you, contact by email:

or visit the website

Or you can get along to the Goonhavern Primary school today (14 October) at 5.30pm to join in the fun activities.

Neil admits he'd like a badge, any badge...

Driving Tests

So, after Undriveables was on TV last night we got chatting about driving tests...and a few more confessions. It turns out we weren't alone. Shelley failed her test before leaving he test centre and Rik was a bit too gungho with the handbrake - for good reason - have a listen.


And then Lorna's test resulted in a walk back to the Test centre and Claire wishes that older folks took a re-test at a certain age...

Now that opens up a whole can of worms... should we have to re-take a driving test past a certain age?

Would you like to work at Pirate FM?

We are the Sunday Times No1 best mid-sized company to work for, for 4 years running... and there are a few jobs fact one is a job that Neil had to be removed from.... he just wasn't clever enough. Find out more

If you'd like to apply, then visit the Jobspot.

And you could end up working here at Pirate FM, and eating cake, with Neil and Tina!

Neil and Tina Eat Cake

Eating Cake

Listener Madison Glinski is not even a teenager, and she's on track to raise £20,000 for Children's Hospice South-West.  she challenged Neil and Tina to eat cake .... and put the picture on her Facebook page, encouraging people to donate.

If you'd like to support her, find out more, or donate, then click the link.

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Posted by Tina at 11:08am

Stem Cell Awareness Day

6th October 2014

Stem Cell Awareness Day Martin Tina's brother

A topic close to home for Tina is Stem Cell Research - and with it being Stem Cell Awareness Day today, Tina explained why it is so important to her and her family.

Clearly, if you'd like to know more, then it's best to do some research and talk to the medical experts.

The UK Stem Cell Foundation is a source of information and if you want to know more about storing baby cord blood, then do your research online and ask your medical practictioner and midwifery staffs.

Also, you can donate your placenta cord blood for medical research to organisations such as the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. There are only a few hospitals that do this...and none are in Cornwall.

New Ideas for Re-Branding October

And Neil had some ideas about how the month of October could be re-branded ...


If Woktober, Doctober and Frocktober don't catch on...

... here were some ideas from listeners:

  • Young 8 year old Ben suggested Soctober - don't buy any more socks.  
  • Anna wanted a Rocktober - play a rock tune after 8am everyday. 
  • Peacetober - strive for world peace.
  • Goktober - don't watch Gok Wan for the month!

More fun, entertainment, information and nonsense tomorrow.

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Posted by Tina at 11:16am

The Fonz visits Cornwall

1st October 2014

Henry Winkler OBE visits Cornwall fonz

As an Achievement for All Ambassador, Henry Winkler OBE is touring schools across Cornwall, supporting the My Way! Campaign.

He has an inspirational story for young people, speaking as a sufferer of severe dyslexia,


Find out what he has to say about the Cornish Pasty!

He's at Treloweth Community Primary School this morning and Humphry Davy School in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, he'll be at Liskeard Hillfort Primary School.

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Posted by Tina at 11:05am


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